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“I’ve been down so long it look like up to me!” - @champagnepapi 585lbs/265kg FELT like air but this Texas heat had no mercy on my grip which made the reps harder than they had to be 😒 I’m honestly not mad at it, the strength is there. My deadlift has been off for so long but today was a step in the right direction. I can’t wait to keep building going forward! Oh I also had easy 6s with 315lbs/143kg ✌🏾 #GetBetterToday #IThinkWeOnToSomething
Look what came in the mail 🤤🤤
I normally don’t post my full workouts on IG but I thought I should start switching it up! Here’s my full push workout if anyone wants to have a general guideline for their workout tonight. I do the basic movements for the most part because that’s honestly all you need. Please note that my goals are different from yours so this workout wasn’t too intense. You can modify/adjust the reps to your liking but for me it was just for a quick sweat and pump. I was feeling out each set and stopped short of any REAL strain. 1. INCLINE DB PRESS- 4X8-10 2. SEATED DB SHOULDER PRESS 4X8-10 3. DB LATERAL RAISES- 3X8-10 4. FRENCH CURL- 5X10 5. BW DIPS- 2XAMRAP 6. T-BAR PRESS- 3X10-12 7. TRICEP PUSHDOWNS 3X12-15 8. CABLE CROSSOVERS- 3X10-12 Let me know if you guys want more of this in the future so I can breakdown everything I do 👍🏾 All my headbands are from @junkbrands Workout fuel: @bpnsupps Headphone covers: @beat.kicks You can use my discount code “RUSSWOLE” for the hook up on everything listed above ✌🏾 #GetBetterToday #IFeltFluffyToday
A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity of working with one of the VERY FEW companies I look up to in the fitness industry! @barbellbrigade has always shown love and I’ve always admired their message throughout the years! They just dropped the Faction Collection so hit to check everything out 🔥🔥🔥
585lbs/265kg for a set of 5. I wanted something heavier but you have to take what the day gives you! People think you have to have constant motivation to get things done. Having DISCIPLINE will trump whatever FEELINGS you have. Motivation may vary but the grind won’t. Oh and the Get Better Today V2 shirts are dropping this Saturday 👀 #GetBetterToday #ShirtDroppingSaturday
It’s a new season, and we still breathin.. #GetBetterToday #TimeOnYourSideOrTimeOnYourHands
Wow what a journey. There’s me on the left. I know, I know. I look distraught and completely lost. However, that was a couple of hours ago. On the right is me RIGHT NOW. My good friends on the internet let me know that today was #NationalIceCreamDay and I couldn’t have been any more elated. Cheers to all sweet toothed brethren out there. Today is for US. #WowILoveIceCream #JustAnotherReasonToEatWhatILove
My body feels WRECKED but 385lbs/174.5kg is still light work. I really want to get into the 430-440 range soon 🤔 Wrist wraps: @lockdownco Discount code: Russwole #GetBetterToday #RawNationals2018
The Breakfast Line for @sasquatch_socks socks is now live! Head to or click the link in my bio to shop the new designs! 🍩 🥞 ☕️ 🥓 🍳 #DareToBeDifferent
585lbs/265kg for yesterday’s single. Patience is the name of the game right now. Getting better isn’t always about going HARD IN THE PAINT. Sometimes you have to fall back and let it come to you. Stay in the pocket, execute, and let the chips slowly stack until everything is in your favor. #GetBetterToday #TeamJoeyFlexx #RawNationals2018
The Texas heat was maaaad disrespectful today but we still got it in 😤 Stay hydrated and smash whatever lift you got today 💪🏾 Headphone covers: @beat.kicks Discount code: RUSSWOLE #GetBetterToday
What you got? Time on your side or time on your hands? Socks: @sasquatch_socks #IsThereMore
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