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“A million reps, I count it up in intervals Without it I’m miserable Don’t wanna fall off, so I’m all in my bag Thankin’ the weight like it’s biblical” - J. Cole I’m dropping my macros just a tad bit being 7-8 weeks out from IPF Worlds. I’m currently sitting around 191 comfortably and I want to dip into the 189 range for the rest of this prep! Headphone covers: @protectyourbeats Discount code: RUSSWOLE Socks: @sasquatch_socks 📷: @shreddycollins #GetBetterToday #LazerFocus #GuessWhichSongThisIsFromTheAlbum #JColeForTheDub #KOD
Nice little PR with 495lbs/225kg high bar squats for 6 reps. I’ve gotten more and more comfortable with high bar over the last month so hitting this was coooooo! Shout out to the fam @raychrrles @andres59kg_ @nameless_lifter and @strengthrob for killing their meet over the weekend. Seeing the squad ball out just makes me want to grind that much harder 😤🤘🏾 #GetBetterToday #TeamJoeyFlexx #HadToHitAQuickJigOnThem #HappyDance
Some solid doubles with 405lbs/183.5kg on bench. I’m here in College Station for Collegiate Nationals so I had to stop by @brazosvalleybarbell to get it in 🤘🏾 Shout out to my boy @chestnificent for the lift off! #GetBetterToday #JColeNewAlbumBumps #TheRealIsBack
There’s nothing like catching a vibe in the gym.. Being able to throw some headphones on, zone out, and crush some weights is the best feeling in the world. 📷: @klvnstudios #GetBetterToday #FlowState #CatchingAVibe
The grind is not for the faint of heart. No one cares about your excuses. 📷: @klvnstudios #GetBetterToday #StraightLikeThat
🚨PR ALERT🚨 665lbs/301.7kg for today’s single on squat 🤷🏾‍♂️ Ya boi has been tired alll week but we still got it in today! This moved alright given the circumstances so I’m just gonna keep riding these waves 🌊 #GetBetterToday #TeamJoeyFlexx #WeNotSettling #8WeeksOut
405lbs/183.5kg single on bench at RPE 8ish during yesterday’s workout! I’m rocking the @lockdownco wrist wraps, which should be coming soon 🤘🏾 Socks: @sasquatch_socks #GetBetterToday #LockDown #YesterdaysWorkoutWasCool
I’m 8 weeks out and I want all the smoke.. Headband: @junkbrands Discount code: Russwole Socks: @sasquatch_socks 📷: @klvnstudios #GetBetterToday #NotNice #8WeeksOut #WeWantAllTheSmoke
The whole line up for today’s launch of @sasquatch_socks 🔥 SHOP NOW! (Link in my bio as well)
@sasquatch_socks IS NOW LIVE! You can click the link in my bio to shop now! Video by: @arvisionarygroup
I’m deleting this later but I just wanted to show a correction @joeyflexx7 helped me make. I have essentially been squatting on my toes for awhile. We decided to SLIGHTLY inch our feet a bit wider so we can better achieve undeniable depth and this in turn also kept my heels from rising during the squat. Today is a pretty good example of better depth and my adjusted foot placement, given this is high bar and I’m a low bar squatter! Aaaaaaaand I did 6 reps instead of 7 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ #DeletingLater #JustShowingYallTheAdjustments
Tomorrow I launch my sock company @sasquatch_socks at 10AM central time. I’ve always loved weird, quirky, vibrant socks so this is exciting for me. Hope you guys are ready to rock some dope feet warmers 🧦 🙏🏾 Video by: @arvisionarygroup #SasquatchSocks #DareToBeDifferent
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