Rudy Abreu

•Dancer-23-LA •Founder/Director - @embodimentthecollective •Faculty on @Artistssimplyhuman •SYTYCD11 •JLO “All I Have” •MSA

Stay by @postmalone - @breaspace THANK YOU for having me - #rudyabreuchoreography
Teaching my weekly slot today at @mdcdance - 3-4:30PM - @embodimentthecollective JR in my class last week. SEE YOU GUYS TODAY’
@mccarthyofficial and I love dancing with the babies! #embodimentBABIES lol
WOD DX - Right around the corner. If you haven’t registered make sure you get to it! BEYOND excited for this experience! #thisisWOD #WORLDOFDANCE
Hey YOU... yeah YOU.... YOU should come to class today 2:30-4PM - @edgepac SEE YOU THERE!
A snippet of my company intensive piece from @artistssimplyhuman nationals - No roots by Alice Merton - #rudyabreuchoreography
@amandabaezz @dancing_cien @m.aryscott SMASHING my INT class at @artistssimplyhuman nationals - 🎥 @joe.duarte729
First weekly class at @mdcdance was a success - LOVED dancing w everyone today. See you guys next Tuesday 3-4:30PM - Genius by @siamusic - Dancers MY BABY @alinagy @evandebenedetto @tani_4444 @sierramckenzie
EVERY TUESDAY STARTING TODAY - @mdcdance - 3-4:30PM SEE U GUYS THERE - Dancing to some new SIA!
First ever open @embodimentthecollective all male contemporary class - Thank you to all the men who came and jammed out w us - we don’t eat by @jamesvmcmorrow #rudyabreuchoreography - Thank you @edgepac for trusting me and giving me this opportunity to open a new whole to some male dancers in Los Angeles. #embodimentTHEcollective
I’m so excited to start the open @embodimentthecollective all male contemporary class happening every Monday @edgepac 5:30-7PM - This is a great opportunity for male dancers in Los Angeles who are interested in diving more into the contemporary world. I am super excited to start growing this class! #embodimentTHEcollective #maledancers
Leaving @artistssimplyhuman so freaking inspired. Thank you to all the students for working so hard this week it was a pleasure to teach such talented and hardworking students! Here is a clip from my INT class dancing with @dylan_amsterdam_14 @daynesempert - Genius @siamusic #rudyabreuchoreography
Got to dance this week with some of my students/friends/brothers so lucky to be a part of the @artistssimplyhuman family - Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my work with such incredible artists. #artistssimplyhuman #rudyabreuchoreography
@choreographers_carnival TONIGHT - Don’t miss @jayjay_dixonbey and @effietutko performing some of my work on stage tonight. Hope you enjoy! - #rudyabreuchoreography #carnival
LEAKED - Dancing behind @jlo is a DREAM but dancing and showcasing my choreography in front of someone like her is what I’ve worked towards my whole life. Couldn’t have done this w/o my brothers! Check out my company @embodimentthecollective on @nbcworldofdance fighting for a million dollars. Just wait and see what’s next! - Watch the full episode tomorrow on NBC 10PM - #rudyabreuchoreography #embodimentTHEcollective #believer - TAG @imaginedragons @imaginedragons @imaginedragons Creative Directors - @nappytabs
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