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my dream job since I was a little girl was to be a mom, absolutely inspired by Mom. she is a mother to many and a force to be reckoned with. in addition to her many super powers, she is hands down the best gift giver of all time. here’s proof. moms are magic. ♥️♥️♥️
happiest of birthdays to my number one fav brother. I wouldn’t trade the last 24 years for anything. 😘
serving hotel room plant feature lewks
franklin. the frasier of dogs.
my new life coach pushes me to be the absolute best version of myself.
sometimes you befriend an angel from freakin heaven and then that angel wants to spend time with you and is like the best lil hostess on the planet and you spend days together doing rad stuff and doing nothing at all and just enjoying each other’s company and I’m just like, so lucky. ☺️ thx jessssssssssssssssss
🍑sav, ga🍑
spooked 👻
hbd to one of the greatest a supremely loyal friend & genuinely kind human 😘
I took virtually no pictures at SXSW but I think this sums it up pretty well. I met some extraordinary people and got very little sleep and listened to loads of music and did a fair share of heavy lifting. I’ll come back for you again, Austin.
the party has just begun. 30 🤙
if god didn’t want me to post billions of pictures of Frank, then why’d she make him so perfect?
🤞hoping the happy lite werks
like legit one of the best days in recent memory
Dad had a birthday today. He’s the best and I’m utterly thrilled he was born on this day 56 years ago. Fun fact: he once fell down the stairs and broke his leg retrieving my baby blanket for me. I was not a baby. I owe him at least one broken bone and so so so much more.
have urself a brian wilson day
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Frank and I celebrated by staying up late under the super moon reading our horoscopes and planning our futures. After all, this list of 30 desserts for my 30th birthday is not going to write itself. 2017 was horrible and amazing and kind of unbelievable. 🥂here’s to manifesting the shit out of some shit in 2018!!! 🎉
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