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If you have ten mins to spare while pooping check out season 2 of Jenni and Roger Domesticated on @awestruck channel. How do you find it ? Go to You Tube and search Awestruck Jenni and Roger Domesticated. Don’t forget to subscribe. (The easy way to do it is just click the link in my bio)
Best helmets in the game @hjc_helmets . Entrust my kids noggin to one. Thanks @shaunsummers62 !
Current status: Driving 11 hours back home to NJ and your newly single cousin offers to let you crash at his house at the halfway point. Your wife and both children fall asleep in the clean spare bedroom. You attempt to fall asleep on the leather couch but your face keeps sticking to it and the only blanket you can find is your daughters Ariel blanket that barely covers your feet. You’re scared to sleep in your cousins bed cause you’re sure it’s a DNA cess pool of debauchery and grotesque acts with large women. You make a plan and construct a tree fort above the area of contamination. You go to bed, safe, happy and able to hug your children in the morning without a contamination suit on. You are a real American Hero. You are a disgusting American pig @ktenan12
Both of my children would legally and morally be well within their rights to file for emancipation from their father today.
Part 2.
Our little performer. And Bubby Badass aka Fruity Pebbles.
I tried it with my camera light on and my camera light off. Didn’t make any difference, couldn’t see the stars either way but I made a judgment call for my followers and felt this video had the better commentary.
Grape/Lettuce- same thing. Listen for Bubs laugh at the end. He has the best laugh
Date night !!! Sorry guys I had no cell service up here in Maine so I couldn’t post this yesterday. Check out our newest episode of Jenni & Roger Domesticated by clicking the link in my bio or going to the @awestruck channel on You Tube and searching Jenni & Roger Domesticated. #MaineWhereTheMenAreMenAndTheSheepAreScared
We got to Maine last sat. Haven’t had an ounce of cell service since we got here. My wife’s phone got stolen at a rest area on the way up. Have to drive to my dads for wifi or 40 miles south to get cell service back. It’s been kinda enjoyable. My wife was forced to talk to me for so long she almost remembered my name and that she married me 2 years ago tomorrow. #FirstWorldProblems
He goes by many names. Baloney Saprano, Bubba Luv, Bubs, Bubby, Bubby Badass but you better believe the wallet in his pocket says “One Bad Motha Fucka” on it. #PlayingNoGames
I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I don’t believe in the boogie man. I don’t believe the government took down the World Trade Center. I don’t believe Big Foot is real. I’m a realist. I believe in facts, logic and the tangible. My take on immunizing my children use to be that how can I argue with hundreds of years of medical science and every one of these pediatricians I ask swear they immunize their own kids. And then a tragedy happened close to home. We don’t personally know the Catone’s but they live very close and share many mutual friends. Since the day little Nicolas was lost his story profoundly impacted my wife and myself. Maybe it’s because our sons are close in age and look similar. My wife began doing her research on immunization and I always questioned it based on percentages and other medical research I could find to oppose her findings while whole heartedly in my heart hurting for the Catone’s. I’ve read Nicks posts about his son many days and literally just started crying cause their pain is so real and relatable because we have a son the same age. I’m not telling you not to immunize your kids. That is not my right to do so. I’m asking you to do your research on the link between the MTHFR gene and vaccines for your child. It’s something your child can be tested for to see if they are a carrier and if you don’t want to put your kids through a blood draw both parents can be tested for it. It’s their mission to not let another parent suffer what they have suffered. Certainly every child is worth a little time a research. Click the link in my bio to read the full story. Nothing else matters beyond our children.
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