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After a 4:30 wake up, we explored many waterfalls in the Cebu Area. We were greeted with incredible light rays at this fall and ended up taking a break. We enjoyed a short nap and ate some of the best mangos in the world.
Was incredible having this little slice of heaven all to ourselves. Stoked to be back in Washington, although miss the warm days and crystal clear waters of Coron. If you had to choose one, would you choose winter or summer?
Nothing like a nice pool in between two waterfalls. After spending a week here in the Philippines, the islands have easily become one of my favorite places I’ve visited.
It’s been an incredible few days here in the Philippines. We started out in Cebu and did a bunch of diving and explored several waterfalls. For this photo, @ninjarod and I risked the camera and took our raft under the falls, the feeling and experience was incredible.
Just boarded my plane and I’m off to the Philippines! So excited to explore a new country. If you know any cool spots or locations, be sure to let me know.
Got to witness the incredible moment of a Leopard feasting on its prey. We were able to get up close and see how gentle and kind the cheetah is, yet very vicious. Check out @olympuskameras to see what I got up to in Namibia. Shot on OM-D E-M1 Mark II + 420mm (300mm Pro + MC-14) | f5.6 | 1/320sec | ISO 500 #OlympusXplorers #OlympusKameras #Olympus
On the coast of Namibia, where the sand meets the ocean. Have had such an incredible week exploring Africa, cannot wait to share what I’ve been up to.
Reminiscing over warm summer memories. @jacob @cory.s.martin and I spent a late evening on the coast and had a super late night around the campfire. On the way home we had to switch drivers every 30 minutes and ended up falling asleep at the ferry gate. Excited for this years late night memories.
Last year was a movie. Really excited to travel to new locations and live life to the fullest. Currently boarding a plane to a dream location, somewhere I’ve wanted to visit since I started photography. Can you guess where?
Winter sunsets on the Washington coast. Nothing like clearing your mind and getting inspired by nature.
Every place I visit I get the chance to experience a new culture, see a new way of life. It has been incredible traveling and receiving a breathe of fresh air from each location.
Overlooking the Sacred Valley. It was an incredible experience watching the sunlight fade on the mountains and see the river flow through the hills.
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