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🗺 Seattle | Created to Create Faroe Islands Vlog 🔻

Enjoying the wild coast of the Faroes. I’ve never seen such jagged cliffs colliding with an endless ocean, the view was unreal.
Traversing the canyons of Jordan.
Lost in my own dream world. Make sure to check out the newest vlog, link in bio.
Had the pleasure of directing a Music video for my friend @3lau new song Star Crossed. We only had two full days to shoot this with our busy schedules, but we had an amazing time and got to enjoy the pure beauty of Hawaii. Thanks @brookemaroon for listening to my crazy ideas and looking good while doing them, and @masonprendergast for helping out. All proceeds go to Hurricane Relief in Houston and Puerto Rico, so tag a friend or 5 🌹
One of the most insane views I have ever seen. The ocean smashed against the cliffs and I was left on a bridge with a several hundred foot drop below. Not a single person in sight. Was a surreal experience.
I’ve had the most incredible time running around the Faroes the last few days. Just like any trip, we ran into a few issues, but overall the trip has been insane. Watch the whole thing go down and see some amazing visuals on the new vlog. Link in Bio. Giving out presets to people who comment and like on YT :) @visitfaroeislands
Slættaratindur is the highest peak in the Faroes and is a long grueling trek up. I grabbed my new @HollisterCo sherpa jacket and took it to the limits. It kept me very warm during the high winds and freezing temperatures. The view from the top was incredible, seeing the mountains connect with the ocean. A memory I will never forget. #HCoGetComfortable #HCoPartner
@HollisterCo challenged me to take their new sherpa jacket to the limits. They wanted to see how their jacket could handle the wild Faroe Islands, especially the highest point Slættaratindur. The winds were wild and the weather was cold, but the views were incredible. Check out the full video and journey tomorrow #HCoGetComfortable #HCoPartner
Walking in a fall wonderland 🍂 Off to new adventures tomorrow, can you guess where I’m headed?
Enjoying the last few days in the mountains before they get covered in snow ❄️
São Miguel island was by far my favorite in the Açores. The vast landscape was insane with craters and lakes all around. Such a beautiful place in the middle of the Atlantic.
There’s a special feeling when you arrive to a location with no expectations and find this. Such an incredible view along the coast line of Faial, what was even better was there was not a single person in sight all night.
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