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Crazy & Clumsy 🎀 I want to make people smile ☀ 📩 Kofi ⬇ ⬇

The chronicles of a cosplayer: Episode 2. With Pedro as the neighbor, a special guest 😋
"My strength must have been something you weren't ready for!" @geekstrong #chunli #chunchun
My first episode of Cosplay Chronicles 😂 what to expect when you meet a cosplayer. Edit: I'm making funny videos to make you laugh. This is humorist. I'm not doing it so you tell me I am beautiful or not 😊 #cosplay #truth #funny
#bulbasaur was my first favorite pokemon ❤ what was yours?? Thank you @spreepicky for the cute shirt 😍❤ #pokemon
Happy weekend ❤ @martineauarts
First Ursula pic ❤ Wig by @cosplaybuzz Costume @fundotcom_ Lenses @ttd_eye Pic by @michaelbenedictla #ursula #disney #villain #cosplay #seawitch #ax
Natural lenses 😍 here is my new pair "HD gray" from @ttd_eye they look so natural on my dark eyes that's incredible!! If you also would like to get some pair you can use my code 'robincyn ' for 10% off 👄❤ Hair @cosplaybuzz #hdgray #ttdeye
I went to Malibu for the first time to shoot with @geekstrong at the sunset it was magical 😍❤ Thank you @okaykibz for the bikini ❤❤ #malibu #beach #sunset
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