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Thirty years ago, the (mostly) unkillable plants were relegated to remote deserts and dusty garden-store shelves. How did they come to take over Instagram—and then the world? Read @alyssabereznak on the rise of the succulents. Link in bio.
ICYMI: Steph was rolling but it wasn’t enough to stop the #Rockets from ending the Warriors' 16-game home playoff winning streak. #RingerNBA
@kevinoconnornba had to unexpectedly become … Kevin O’Climber to escape from @oraclearena. To hear the full story, check out link in bio.
The "After Spice" is a special place where all takes—no matter how spicy—are valid. This week on #NBADesktop , @x_netw3rk_x hears a Steph Curry take that sends him straight there. Find the full episode on theringer.com or our YouTube Channel.
What lineup do you think gives the Rockets the best chance to beat the Warriors?
Hit the link in our bio to check out Ben Lindbergh’s full piece on the beautiful complexities of the ‘#StarWars Customizable Card Game.'
ICYMI: Steph Curry got his groove back and the Warriors are dancing again #RingerNBA
ICYMI: LeBron did everything in his power to ensure the Cavs didn’t go down 3-0 at the Q. #RingerNBA #Cavs
Microsoft tried to wipe out its competition, but the government had other ideas. Victor Luckerson compiled an oral history about the antitrust lawsuit that still resonates 20 years later. Link in bio.
Now available, tap the shirt to buy!!! You can own @x_netw3rk_x & @malloryrubin 's look, no magic necessary!! #BingeMode #HarryPotter
NBA teams who want Kawhi, listen up. @shea.serrano lists all the "good" things you can look forward to getting out of him on #NBADesktop with @x_netw3rk_x. 🌶🌶🌶 Find the full episode on theringer.com or on our YouTube channel.
ICYMI: KD poured in 38 points, but CP3 was in Point God mode and Playoff P.J. Tucker had himself a night. #RingerNBA #Warriors #Rockets
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