Just a big eared pup in the Last Frontier❄️ 🐾7 month old Cocker Spaniel/Dachsund/Pomeranian/Husky/mix.🐾

Can you spot me? #wheresRemy
We have a love-hate relationship. ❤️
Trying to decide if I like this “mist” thing or not...🤔
Soakin’ up the sun! ☀️
I love my morning snuggles!
I got a new bandana, but all I want to do is rip it off! #getthisthingoffme
For my next trick I will make my ear disappear! #tongueouttuesday
Peek a boo! 🙈#flashbackfriday #fbf
Happy double tongue out Tuesday! #tot
Throwback to when Bodie and I were much closer in size! #tbt
Every day it’s my duty to patrol the kitchen for runaway crumbs. #ilovemyjob
Blankets >>>
This ball is the BEST! If only I could get the small ball out...
I just got a new bed! It’s so comfy! 😴
I love being outside! ☀️
We love going for rides! 🚘
Say cheese! 🧀
I love hanging out with my “little” brother Bodie!
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