Ray Fisher

Son/Brother/Friend/NJ Native/BORGLIFE™ Enthusiast

Photo: JSquared Photography Styling: Ashley North Hair: Benny Blades Grooming: Renee Loiz Guy Trying Not To Blink: Me😜
I am changed. Reevaluating. Recalibrating. Just wow. @kiersey thank you for shining the light.
Lake Fayetteville.
If you haven’t heard @sonsofanillustriousfather ‘s new album—Deus Sex Machina: Or, Moving Slowly Beyond Nikola Tesla do yourself a favor and give it all the listens! Josh, Lilah and Ezra killed it on this one!! I’ve seen them in concert 3 times and if you’re a fan of live music they are not to be missed!!! Check the link in my bio for dates. You may see a tall dude in the audience that looks like me😜#BORGLIFE #LoveRay
Philly is definitely showing the LOVE!!! #wizardworldphilly #BORGLIFE
I’m coming for you Philly! #wizardworld #Philly #BORGLIFE
Day 2 of Nashville Fan Fest is nearly complete. Thanks for all the love!#FFNashville #BORGLIFE
Round 2...fight! #FFNashville #BORGLIFE
Kicking off Nashville Fan Fest in the best way possible! Be sure to come check us out:) #FFNashville #BORGLIFE #LoveRay
Life doesn’t always go how we plan it. The only thing we can do is keep reaching for what we believe. #BORGLIFE #LoveRay
And this is why I love Vero! Thank you for setting this extremely necessary precedent in helping us address and combat digital addiction. Thank you for recognizing that our minds are just as precious as our time. If you haven’t signed up for a #Vero account yet—DO!!! They’re setting the most positive trends in the social media game. #Vero #BORGLIFE #LoveRay
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