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Today is a big milestone for me. The years that I’ve spent in America away from my family and friends have been filled with happiness and struggle. Studying sociology has opened my mind to ideas and theories that have resonated with me in my heart, almost as if I’ve known them all along. The opportunity of education has sparked a fire and passion within me. I would never have been able to do this without the support of my amazing father and mother to whom I cannot begin to thank enough. I owe my life to you. I’m so lucky to have parents who not only helped me with my homework every night but also taught me how to ride a bike and keep my head up high! (ok mama didn’t really help with the bike riding tho) Hessah my AMAZING BEAUTIFUL SISTAAA, I probably owe you 1 mill dollars for parking tickets and a million hours of your time that you’ve spent helping to raise my childish ass 😆 I promise to take my passion to make this world a better place in whatever capacity I can. I vow to always fight against sexism, racism, and classism in my everyday life and my future career. I vow to take what I’ve learned to try and make my children’s world brighter than the one I was born into. I’m coming to terms with who I am as Reem Osama Alsanea and I’m proud to say she’s a pretty dope chick and she made it! ✊🏼❤️ الحمدلله❤️
@drosamahalsaneaofficial and his favorite daughter. sorry not sorry @hessahos 😙
thrift finds
I see you 👀
when that one strand keeps popping out
if you love me wont you say somethinnnnnn
the lioness is out
when he says he eats vegan and meditates
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