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if duck makes your tummy and heart happy like meee then check out 👅 don’t forget to hit it with that plum sauce and cucumber #saauce #noketchup #justsauce #rawsauce
when the mother picks the outfit #tbt
got that hadid slick going
in my natural habitat
now the dark dayyss are done and bright ones are here, my sunny one shines so sincere
sometimes life knocks you down
my favorite chica & my favorite place
I know my moms gonna call me in a bit to yell at me for not brushing ma hair before leaving the house. #oops #tehe
you'd think id wait less with my 4.7 Uber rating 😒🙃 #salty #late #itsmostlymyfaulttho
apparently winter is cancelled?
slowly becoming a lil ball of fat
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