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Building bolder shoulders today with @christyd1114. Tried some standing overhead presses. I had to lean against something due to leg weakness and balance issues. Needless to say it worked out well and felt pretty good. Also, did some heavy seated presses (attacked the whole wrack!) finished off my workout with some farmers walks. Those got me legs, forearms, and shoulders on fire! Thanks @christin_fisher for the advice. 👊🏾
Swipe Left: F.E.A.R...... Focus, Embrace, Adapt, Repeat. Too often I neglect to train legs due to pain, lack of movement, difficulty, and a thousand thoughts that flood my mind. But, I’m working on defeating my own mind. That’s my biggest obstacle to this day. Time to strengthen up these wheels. #theyre10sbutikeepthemcleanthough #legdayworkout
Chest day with @christyd1114. Worked up to 105lbs then back down. Finished off with some smooth reps with 90lbs. #chestdaybestday #
Gym creepers with @christyd1114 looking at my 🍑 #swolemates
Vacation is over. Back to the grind! #mealprepmondays #backtowork
Early morning. Paying dues! #iam1stphorm
Getting out of my comfort zone. Starting to include assisted dips in my chest and tricep routine. This is a great finisher for a sick pump. I’m still a little nervous when climbing those steps. But, practice makes perfect! #adaptivetraining
Results take a while. But, if you keep working hard and stay disciplined they will come. #thrusttheprocess #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation
Got my combatives belt today. Thank you so much @hassettsjiujitsu @hassetts_bjj for helping with my adaptive training. #oss #jiujitsu #teambalance #brazilianjiujitsu #graciejiujitsu
First day back in the gym after almost 2 weeks. Man it was a love/hate workout today. Did chest,back, and shoulders. I stayed on the machines so I didn’t put too much pressure on my leg. Feels good to be back home. #neversettle #idontstaydownforlong
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