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Well, I went back to the doctors today and, the news was not good. There is an infection in the bone in the bottom part of my leg. Which means, I’ll need more of my leg removed. Maybe even above the knee this time. Nothing is scheduled yet. Still talking to the doctors to see when this all will take place. But, it’s still no reason to give up! Not to me. I will overcome this hurdle like I did the rest. #overcomer #noquit .
After a long day! #relaxingtime #wineoclock
Hassetts Jiu Jitsu shirts. But, that goes for any type of training you do. Less excuses+More training=RESULTS! #trainhard #hassettsjiujitsu #noexcuses
#Repost @jarrettwbond22 with @get_repost ・・・ There are moments in life you'll never forget...this will be one of them! - Who’s ready for 2018 Summer Smash?! #summersmash2018 #1stphorm #gamechanger
#mytransformationstartstoday day 34. Getting loose skin. Stomach (my problem area) is shrinking. #1stphorm #weightlossjourney
I may be, most likely, there’s a good chance, I’m going to this. Getting more details about it. Hope to see a lot of the fam there. And I will also do the workout too. I’m bringing a whole different type of energy! See ya there Pham! #oldheadwillbebringingit #legionnairesunite
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#1stphorm we do the work! #backdayworkout #dropsets #gettinginthosereps video credit @robp430 👊🏾
I don’t know how @derekweida @stephguns18 @derick_carver does this machine with one leg! I did it for 15 mins and almost fell 15 Times. I’m gonna stick with it though. #amputeeproblems #ififallihopeicangetup
#motivationmonday : Years of blood, sweat, tears, pain, doubt, frustration, aggravation, dedication, determination, motivation, and most of all PROUD! #noexcuses 💯💪🏾#1stphorm #legionofboom
Chest day on Saturday. I said, f!$@ it, chest day again on Monday. And with my #project1 from @1stphorm the pump was ridiculous! Click the link in my bio for free shipping. Any questions on 1stPhorm products, please feel free to DM, or email me. #stupidpump
Friday vibes. Getting ready for my MRI to see why I keep getting infections in my leg. Hoping for the best but, ready to battle the worst. No matter what, I’ll continue to fight and beat the odds. #nevergiveup #100to0 #postivevibes
So glad to be back on the mat! And who was waiting for me!? No one other then @gnikkels aka The Viper. She is an absolute beast! And yeah, she made me tap. Do things in life that challenge you to become even better. Never quit because something is hard. Give it your all, no matter what it is you’re doing. And when you finally accomplish that goal, it’ll be that much sweeter. #oss
Throwback Thursday. I was always smiling, but was never really happy. A lifestyle change was needed, so that’s exactly what I did. I saved my life and took control of my situation and turned it into my ultimate comeback. #reborn #wasconfined #nowimfree
This is how I dress for special occasions. #franksandbeans 🤣😂 #sorrynotsorry #disneyworld #swagglife
Getting a quick tune up and oil change. #amputeelife #adaptiveathlete
#motivationmonday quitting is not an option!
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