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Pics/vids of shit I enjoy Yee yee muthafucka

I apologize to everyone I’ve ever done this too 😅😂😂 @valentin1911elzurdo
Just mag dumping kicking up dirt, one of the funnest and quickest ways to waste money. These stock glock sights gotta go though. Thinking about picking up some proctor y notch sights. Not sure yet. And I definitely need a m92 eventually. #m92 #glock19
Yesterday loading up with @valentin1911arreguin and @arreguind getting ready to have some fun
What I need for this cold weather #buchanans #scotch #whisky #whiskey
Had to get a hold of the gen 5 Glock 19. Finger grooves didn't fit me on the gen 4 but was about to buy one anyways a few weeks ago until I saw the gen 5 announced. Glad I waited. Valentin got him his first glock the m.o.s ready g19, planning to throw a red dot on it. #glock19 #gen5
Had to pick me up a copy yesterday. Haven't had a chance to play yet but I can't wait to relive some childhood memories!! #crashbandicoot
Idk who this guy is but he had too much fun this weekend 😂😂 I was trying not to laugh at him I was just trying to help dude out. Make sure he didn't end up asleep in the middle of the street. He got back in the right car and was in there til the morning. #drunkpeople #memorialdayweekend
Ran into @donchiefegb at the 7-11 a lil while ago. Had to pick me up a copy of that 1st Quarter, go fuck with it. He got them new wraps on deck too #eatgreedy #dallas #tripled
Late night dinner from yesterday. Burrito de trompo from the valero across Molina. Forgot how good these are!!
Glad I finally got this bike. Had a lot of fun on it this weekend. Of course it wouldn't be Oak Cliff without bullet holes in the signs lmao #oakcliffnaturepreserve #specialized #ocnp
It's morphin time!! Finna relive childhood for a lil bit. #powerrangers
Showing these youngsters how to shoot. It's always nice to introduce new people to guns and promote the 2nd amendment to younger generations.
First day back to work already waiting for the weekend to roll back around lmao fuck it it's all good. Got my beer matching my tires #vogues #voguetyres #modelo #modeloespecial #sippin #grandmarquisfansandowners #grandmarquis @grandmarquisfansandowners
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