Ray Liotta

Someone created an Instagram account and is impersonating me to pick up woman. If you’ve been contacted, please don’t respond. I promise, it’s not me. Thanks to everyone who reached out with messages and calls to alert me of this predator. Working with Instagram to get this account shut down.
A shot of me and David Yurman at his Madison Ave Jewelry store where we raised a good amount of money for @SU2C. I can’t thank him enough for having such an important event at his store and giving a percentage of what was sold. Everyone should donate to SU2C. This horrible disease affects everyone and it’s time we blew it away. #ad
I was lucky enough to do a mini series called "Texas Rising." I know Texans are a strong, proud group of people who all share a strong bond. My heart and prayers go out to those proud people and God bless Texas and her people. All my best, Ray
Loved this movie "Iceman." Loved the director, Ariel Vromen. Michael Shannon is fun to work with because we attack it the same way. Us actors are a hyper critical bunch, well, the whole business is but I can say, in all honesty, I'm genuinely happy for his success. Another movie that I'm very proud of that didn't get a big audience. Tough business, this show biz thing. #flashbackfriday
Ready for another week of #shadesofblue . Sometimes the days are long but it's important to stay focused!! #monday
Loved having the tattoos! People look at you differently but loved having them for a few months then went back to boring arms. #flashbackfriday #wildhogs
My cover from @therakeonline came out and I want to thank the magazine for putting me on their cover and all the people I worked with on the shoot. Photographer @gavinbondphotography , Fashion Director @grzeszczuk , grooming @melissaadelaide , and all the lighting guys who made me feel loose, relaxed and comfortable. Thank YOU #therake !!
#TBT You think my pants are high enough? #CorrinaCorrina
Someone shouldn't lie to me!! #shadesofblue #sunday
Truth be told, Joe wasn't really that short. #goodfellas
7.28.95 I know it's not the best of titles, "Operation Dumbo Drop," but nothing beats working in Thailand with an elephant. #flashbackfriday
Jen and I in two different worlds as our characters collide. #shadesofblue
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