Yoshiyahu Jüngsten

Jodie Love

Turn yo neck and ya dame missin
Don't look at me
"This world is beautiful, I swear this world is beautiful"
Don't look at me
Happy earth strong young Rasta! 🙏🏾 keep going up and pioneering the future King bless up
HDB To my brother Weleh 🙏🏾 one of the most talented people I know. Thank you for always passing me the rock on the court and being such a passionate human being love you my G! Go check out his pages @kidsofimmigrants @welehcalifornia #LOVE #KOI #whateveryoneloveseveryonehates
Wishing my sister a very happy birthday! Thank you for always being here for me and for being an amazing human being ! It's been an honor to watch you grow into a beautiful woman ✨ I've always been proud to be your brother. I'll always be here for you and I love you very much
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