Raj Kandukuri

Million Moms organized a car rally for women to show case their talent with TDS concept, namely time,distance and speed, for which I was invited as a guest to flag off the event along with Smt Padma Devender garu and @akash_purii It’s a unique event and I liked the initiative. I wish the women power all the best 👍
Thank you #Yuvakalavahini for awarding me with “Best producer award”. And the credit goes to all my team members, friends, actors, pro s”, media, and travel Partners. Thank you all once again.🙏
Had the fun of driving this beast @triumph_tiger 1200 today... #Triumphtiger1200 . Loved its brutal power.😊
After a long time in my favorite spot, watching the rain..😊
Down the memory lane.. when he launched my movie audio in 2007.
On the race track with the beast @audi @rs7 #audi #budhcircuit . File pic.
“Happy birthday” #sivanirajasekhar . Wish you the best of times ahead. Stay blessed.😊👍
Hearty congrats once again @shivakandukuri Shiva Kandukuri Wish you the best of times ahead with a steady path. Love you loads.😊👍
At trump towers, New York.. recently..😊
Gym is more fun when your song is playing on tv...😊
Few blissful moments with kala tapaswi. Had these golden moments over sumptuous dinner and watching swati Kiranam movie along with the legend. No words to thank indira garu, our wonderful host. 🙏
Happy birthday to my very good friend Anitha chowdary gogineni. Wish you many more wonderful happy years ahead. 👍😊
This is an event that I straight headed to from the airport, after I landed from usa and I’m extremely delighted to be the guest and witness this beautiful ballet “Anandakeli, brilliantly choreographed by these two wonderful super talented Kuchipudi dancers @srilekhya.k and Sharvari Priya Panamgipalli under the divine guidance of their guru Smt. Maddali Usha Gayatri garu, the most renowned dance guru. The choreography was engineered with the help of visual projection with beautiful lighting. Kudos to you Srikekhya ji and Sharvari ji. Pranaams to Usha gayatri ji🙏 Wish to see many more from you.👍😊
Time flies...3 years passed without your physical touch. But can feel your constant presence and guidance in my breath and life. Love you appa.🙏
On the way home with @shivakandukuri.. Hyd vochestunna... watching Balaya babu “Paisa vasool”. Thanks for the wonderful service by Amna and Vrushali of Etihad. Special mention to Monisha. 😊😊👍
The sky view of manhattan, New York...😊
At a rest area stop over...😊
ఈ మధ్యనె సిలికానాంధ్ర వారి మనబడి ఆహ్వానం మీద కాలిఫొర్నీయా లొ వారి స్కూల్ కి వెళ్ళాను. అమెరికాలొ ఉంటూ మాతృభాష ని ప్రొత్సహిస్తున్న వీరికి, అది చదువుకుంటున్న పిల్లలకి, ఆదరిస్తున్న తల్లితండ్రులకు నా అభినందననలు. The other day, I was invited to visit Silicon Andhra MANA BADI in California,and Smt.Nirupama chebiyam ji guided me in the school.Thx to her. I greatly appreciate the organizers, teachers,students and the parents for initiating and encouraging a much desired move like this. Special appreciation to Sri Anand Kuchibhotla garu for his vision and thought.
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