Loki deserves shawarma

Resplendent in horns Arms spread wide Avant-garde son

His smile omshfjh he was so happyy what happened
I died I friken luv Scott
This is like, literally what Peter would do if he actually seen Loki from afar I can’t-
Dicked dOwn ohmfgh
So like I seen Ant Man and The Wasp n it was so hilarious the whole theatre was dying of laughter I was having such a good time n then at the end everyone literally yelled “NOooo” n I was just like “Awhhhhhh” ugh whY marvel,,
I iMMEDiatelY got soft when I got to the last slide fshjsj my bbyy
I really didn’t think it was possible to love him more I was w r o n g,, n he even said it correctly my sw heart is fucking quAkiNg n my actual heart is too wha-
I was watching ragnarok with my mom n she fking fell asleep and then later she told me it was kinda boring aHaha h e l p
I have to wait till next week to see my bug bbys n people r already talking about iT FGHSJS
I’d die for them
It felt so good to be able to throw a basketball again cuz my back is no longer b r o ke oOf
Wtf I love him
Look it’s Taika n his children🤩 oh anddd Happy Birthday to this star spangled man n Happy Fourth of July to all who celebrate it🎆
I seen fallen kingdom recently and that one scene with that one dinosaur,, oOf
Okay but Benedict looks too adorable with that cap I cant
Issa same😔💓
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