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No art shown here is mine

(Vertigo) ~ Can be at two places at once+ some sort of, for lack of suitable words, cosmic awareness. Scan 1: John senses a plane that’s going to crash, and realizes it’s not a normal plane. It’s the amalgamation of every plane that ever crashed. John gets inside the plane in last panel, despite him actually being in the streets shopping. Scan 2: Feels what all people are feeling in the plane. ~ Source: Hellblazer
(Vertigo) ~ Mind resistance. Scan: Resisted and forced out an entity that could affect Swamp Thing. ~ Source: Saga of the Swamp Thing
(Vertigo) ~ Malicious. Scan: Damages a guy’s TV sets, his bowels and gives him an erectile disfunction just for laughs. ~ Source: Hellblazer
(Vertigo) ~ Transmutation Scan: Turns a boy’s wee wee into a snake for some time. ~ Source: Hellblazer
(Vertigo) ~ Illusion/ speed feat. Scan 1-2: Either John made an illusion of falling off a cliff to attackers from behind, or took Timothy and got out within falling off the cliff. ~ Source: Books of Magic #2
(Vertigo) ~ Mind Control feats. Can trick the mind enough to make things real. Scan: Here is explanation but a page prior to this he kills a mage by tricking his mind that he was burning in Hellfire that his body actually burns and melts to it. ~ Source: Hellblazer
(Vertigo) ~ Mind Control feats. Controls a demon boar into killing a guy. Scan: ^ ~ Source: Hellblazer
(Vertigo) ~ Mind Control feats. Causes a riot and makes every inmate bring a cigar for him while sitting in his cell. Scan 1-3: ^ He also makes an inmate look like a nude model to every other inmates who rapes the guy, but due to it being a mature content I decided not to post it 👀 ~ Source: Hellblazer #149
(Vertigo) ~ Can see souls of people even if it’s outside their physical body. ~ Source: Mythos- The Final Tour #2
(Vertigo) ~ Another FTE feat. Scan: Disappears infront of a commissioner from a straight jacket. ~ Source: Hellblazer
(Vertigo) ~ FTE to people. Scan: appears infront of a psychic. ~ Source: Hellblazer
(Vertigo) ~ John has the Grimorium Venum. A book that holds knowledge on all the Demons and supernaturalstuff. ~ Source: Hellblazer
(Vertigo) ~ Tanked his lungs full of insects Scan: ^ ~ Source: Hellblazer
(Vertigo) ~ Can sense psychics and psychic energy. Scan: Senses a psychic girl he was looking for. He could also sense whenever the girl used psychic powers ~ Source: The Horrorist
(Vertigo) ~ Precognition, but on a larger scale. Scan: Can sense reality being shredded up and sense two entities following him from miles away. ~ Source: Hellblazer
(Vertigo) ~ Mind control. Scan: Makes a guy give all his money to him just by looking at him. ~ Source: Hellblazer
(Vertigo) ~ Can cut into souls without damaging the physical body. Scan: Cut a masking sigil into the soul of a demon named Ellie to protect her from Hell. Also, according to the demon alongside of First of the Fallen, “Only Iscariot has ever done that...” ~ Source: Hellblazer
(Vertigo) ~ Can make intangible things tangible. Scan: Makes a ghost tangible ~ Source: Hellblazer
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