Jonathan .R

Every story has a end. But in life,Every end is a new beginning

Where my Cavs fan at 😂😂😂😂
My lil monkey 🐒
Feeling good 💪💪
Thanks my love @yanna_reyes1429 you always making me so happy #happybirthday #29bigones
Breakfast looking good today
Hard work
Thanks @greenlifenyc 💪💪
Day32 we still here 💪💪
My little helper
Best thing is to have good people around you that wanna help you get your goals @white_pearl29 @kelvin_g87 @yendpp_1221 @yanna_reyes1429
If u really want to lose it you need to put that hard work #2018fitness @white_pearl29
Ok somenew for me but I'm kill it #teamfitness 💪 @white_pearl29
💪💪 we got this @white_pearl29 2018#fit
They said pain is good 💀☠️
Feeling really good down 4 more 😁
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