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Get you a tomato. #farmlife
Renamed the tree Michael Douglas Fir.
Forever when I stare at the mantle @nickofferman is making from this chunk of Miss Douglas (I named the tree Miss Douglas just now) I will stare at the “eye of balance” all that now remains of that magical organic kickstand.
2000lbs of fresh timber, perfectly centered and teetering on its own branch. Quite the image. #farmlife #magic #balance
Jack and I share a moment of appreciation on the last day of this amazing tree’s life. Born in 1837 (the same year as “Wild Bill” Hickok!!!) She lived through the civil war, both world wars, the San Juan Island Pig war and more. Mother Nature struck her down. Now this first generation Douglas Fir will be made into beloved pieces of art, mantles and a table from which my family will enjoy moments and meals for, God willing, many generations. I live for moments like these. #farmlife
Another extraordinary day at the farm!! Today we cut down this gorgeous old growth Douglas Fir. 181 years old!! She was struck by lightning and her top had begun to rot. So instead of becoming bug food she’ll be made into furniture for my house in LA! We used a chainsaw mill to cut 5” thick x 20’ long slabs which will be shipped to @nickofferman ‘s wood shop in LA where he will Ron Swanson the hell out of it and make me the dopest table in history fit for a family of Vikings!!! #farmlife #KeAkua
No filter #farmlife
Almost died today in a stampede. But that’s just #farmlife you know?
Pinned beneath the crushing weight of the falling sky, Chicken Little remembers fondly the gooseberries of her childhood. If only she could taste them again. If only... she could live that. #farmlife #ForReDoeItsGooseberrySeason
Three generations. Suffolk sheep lambed in the fields. Product of the rock. Tough as the land from where selected, feeding both shepards and eagles. Seasons and decades Ebb and flow. Clockwork. I pause to watch them. And in this moment there is simply nothing but the sunshine and us. ... And my camera phone. My instagram haiku and my #farmlife 😂🙏♥️
Beware- Cuteness overload: Popcorn the day he was born. And same lamb 6 months later! 🙏♥️ He’s so fat and happy! Livin’ the best, organic, stress free #farmlife !
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