Pranay Sood

A memorable birthday party!!!! Thanks a lot guys :D
Awesome New Year's Eve Celebration!!!! Happy New Year 2018
High School Reunion!!!! @skylake99
6 more months to go!!!!
Too excited for this movie!!!!
Avengers: Infinity War!!!!
Classic scene from Ant-Man!!!
Thanks a lot for the awesome Birthday guys even though all the cheesecake is stuck in my hair.really enjoyed every moment πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
"I am going to kill you with my cuteness."
Had the wonderful opportunity to meet HKUST's very own President Tony F Chan in the President's Lodge. It was an amazing experience helping out for the 25th anniversary and attending the evening gala.
When my sister is so bored at home 😼😼😼😼
Simply a Beautiful View!!!!😊😊