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🏝 📸 🌋 Aspiring to learn & preserve Hawaiian Land, Culture, and Aloha 🌎Adventure🏕Create🌞Inspire🙏 #PonoVisions

Pono is the personal & organizational, Hawaiian value of rightness and balance 🤲🏻 . It differs slightly from the others, in reach: Most of us will spend more time aspiring to it, rather than fully practicing it. When a person is Pono they have the feeling of contentment that all is good and all is right in their life, a life of full integrity: Ma‘alahi is a Hawaiian word we’ll often use to describe this feeling, for it’s “a pervasive persuasion toward calm, peace, and serenity.” . Pono fully embraces the attitudes of positivity and optimism. Life itself excites you, and you are full of hope, seeing that the future can only get better. All the other Hawaiian values factor into the value of Pono - As we must arrive at Pono, having done the good work of getting there. . . The Hawaiian values of Aloha are such a beautiful practice in life, always. I am one aspiring to learn and truly practice them living here in the islands. It seems the more and more I practice, the better life has become. Mahalo for reading, I encourage everyone share Aloha where ever you are and where you go🙏 . . Words from Managing with Aloha by @rsay www.managingwithaloha.com
I have never seen the stars shine so bright as they did this night, 10 miles deep within Haleakala Crater. Absolutely no light pollution to be found out here.. Pretty sure that’s Jupiter glowing on the left too? . . “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field.. I’ll meet you there.” -Rumi . . . This photo is inspired by our great friend Ocean -@haleakalacraterlove . I haven’t known anyone to hold such a love for this place, nor spend as much time here as he did. You were in my thoughts here brother, and I hope we return here together someday. This is that field. . . Mahalo for helping making this photo possible @friendsofhale - Won’t ever forget our time spent here. Aloha Maui . . P.S.. Almost finished with our blog from this trip, looking forward to sharing with all of you!
PRINT GIVEAWAY! 🖼 👀 - Enter to Win Below👇 . . Beautiful 11x17” metal print of one of my personal favorite images titled “Morning View” . . @maui.meg and I have been together for 4 years today, so let’s celebrate! 😁. . To enter: 1.) Like this post ❤️ 2.)Comment & Tag a friend 💬 3.)Follow Me @pono.visions 🤙 . . Winner will be chosen randomly on 8/08/18. Winner will be asked to cover shipping & handling. . Each person tagged = one entry. Good luck! Aloha
Hiking 25 miles through Haleakala Crater the past few days was so rewarding. Learning native plants and birds, witnessing one of Maui’s original forests, and harvesting seeds to help plant and preserve these special trees and bird species. Haleakala is truly a masterpiece of a landscape. Sincere mahalos to @friendsofhale for providing these wonderful service trip opportunities. @maui.meg and I are writing a blog about the trip - Stay tuned for more! Aloha Maui
Beyond stoked to see my work printed the largest I have seen yet! Courtesy of @picturesplushawaii in Kahului, Maui - Full wall display in the works. Sincere Mahalos🙌🙏 Can’t wait to print my entire portfolio #FollowYourDreams 🌈. . . P.S. Stay tuned for a fine art print #GiveAway ! Al🌞ha
Mahalo is the Hawaiian Value of thankfulness🙏 . . Many will often say Mahalo with lightness, to simply convey “thank you.” Though as a value, Mahalo includes appreciation and gratitude as a way of living. We live in thankfulness for the richness that makes life so precious at work and at home, and we are able to sense our gifts elementally. Mahalo is the opposite of indifference and apathy, for it is the life perspective of giving thanks for what you have by using your gifts — and all of your gifts — in the best possible way. . . With Mahalo, we give thanks for every element which enriches our lives by living in thankfulness for them. We relish them. We celebrate them joyously. Mahalo is the value that gives us an attitude of gratitude, and the pleasure of awe and wonder. . . This sunrise was a moment of awe and wonder. A vision that came to life after years. What an incredible biosphere we are living on. Mahalo nui loa for following along my journey! . . Words from Managing with Aloha by @rsay . . 📸: @maui.meg
Lōkahi is the Hawaiian value of harmony and unity🌞 . . Lōkahi seeks harmony in bringing people to win-win agreements. It is working with cooperation and collaboration, so all who contribute feel valued and unified🤝 . . Lōkahi brings these endeavors to teamwork, defining how those who work within an ‘Ohana in business can be most effective in their collaborative efforts💡💸 . . Lōkahi gives us a receptive demeanor to strive for in working with our peers in the most productive way. We want their help and ask for it. Many hands, laulima, make the work more pleasant, ‘olu‘olu, and they move it along faster. With Lōkahi we achieve more by working together in harmony with others, for Lōkahi strives for synergy as what’s best in creating possibilities🙌🤲👊 . . A beautiful sunset 🌅 time lapse from Haleakala, our House of the 🌞. Friends, food, and campfires 🔥 are the nights we live for. The Lōkahi🙏 . . Words from Managing with Aloha by @rsay . www.managingwithaloha.com
Ho‘okipa is the Hawaiian value of Hospitality🤲 . . The hospitality of complete giving, welcoming guests and strangers with the spirit of Aloha. It defines a true art of unselfishly extending to others the best that we have to give. . . In sharing our Ho‘okipa with others, we gain our own joy and we invest in our own well-being🙏. . A few surfers catch some sunset waves 🌊 at Ho’okipa Maui. Words from Managing with Aloha by @rsay
Love me some disc golf, especially those night rounds under the stars. Special thanks to @paztachio for inspiring us and sponsoring the epic basket, and to @gdbowyer holding true to @mauidiscgolf . Always had the most fun playing golf with you guys🤙👊 Happy #Aloha #Friday
Happy #Summer 🌞 The weather has been sweet! . . Hiking down here in the dark this morning was a trip.. An imagined idea from years ago that came to life today. I was laying in this same spot years back when the whole concept of #PonoVisions came to me, and I realized what I wanted to express through these visual arts. Really I just want to help protect Hawai’i for all she provides for us, this place deserves to be cared for. Still figuring this out, and it has been a tremendous journey of growth and learning since. Learning about this place and the native culture has been fascinating and I am so grateful to be here. . I told myself I would come watch the sunrise here some day, and it finally all came together. Life is but a dream and if you can dream it you can do it. Love you #Maui . . 📸: @maui.meg
Aloha Sunrise this morning straight off the @apple #iPhone 8 🌞🌸 . . 📸: @maui.meg 😘
Print collection coming together - Please message me for pricing/rates. Color your life with Aloha - www.ponovisions.com
Epic New Moon🌙 this weekend. So many stars, what a blink in time we’re living in. #Depth . . . 3 images Shot with @nikonusa D7200 and @tokinausa 11-20mm lens with @manfrottoimaginemore tripods. Stitched and edited in @lightroom . . 11mm f2.8 ISO 8000 @ 20 sec
The meaning of life is to give life meaning - Osho👌 . . Hmmm🤔 Brilliant!
Summertime when the living’s easy - Al🌞ha Friday! . . Shot with my @nikonusa D7200, @tokinausa lens, and @manfrottoimaginemore tripod: . 3 images - 11mm @ f2.8 ISO 10,000 Merged and edited in @lightroom this morning. Cheers!
My love in her element💧. . . She’s so pretty🌺 I love you @maui.meg
Documenting light is my true passion in life🌞. . . Sunrise time lapse shot on @apple #iPhone 8. . . Music by Patrick Bernard
Mountains are my favorite teacher in Nature 🌄 What’s your favorite natural landscape to spend time with? Leave a comment, I’d love to know! . We are all different yet the same, and quality time spent in wild places seems to be essential for our well being🙏 . . Like this lonely hiker making his descent at first light 🌞 Stoked to capture him in the element, seeing many miles ahead of him. Whoever you are, thank you. Aloha
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