iight so boom! the way me and shelly connect is so sporadic and vibrant every single time we link just add on another 2hrs because laughter and brain storming of projects is guaranteed to happen. There is only genuine positive energy and love when you're around girl and I'm so glad to call you my family love you cuz @shell.spin happy birthday! 💕 #lovewatchingyoublossom
the best type of friends are the one's that can teach you lessons without belittling you, uplift you without being a yes man, laugh w you at the silliest of jokes and have all the knowledge necessary for random searches of sneakers and food lol thank you for always being there when I need you most @aquakidd I love you bestie! #iknowwaytoonanycapricorns
I have the coolest, most beautiful, encouraging, creative, intelligent, STYLISH, fun and light filled friends. Think I'm lying? Meet @loverofallthingsdes 💕 happy birthday boo! Love you! #liveyourbestlife
She is the firework, the ball that drops, the excitement, the memory & the queen of New Years (& my life)! I don't think I even knew why other people celebrated going into the 1st of the year until I was a teen cause that day belongs to my mom . happy birthday beautiful lady I can't wait to see how you make another year of life look easy breezy lol I love you Mom @iceteanhoney . (comment below if you want to wish my mom a happy birthday; she'll see it)
my road dawg forreal! I can't think of one time we linked and didn't go on an adventure. I have so many videos of us acting like whole fools and one day when you're being acknowledged for all your hard work and philanthropy I'm going to release them so the world knows you're still human lmfao 😂 nah but fr thanks for being my cousin, my god sis, my partner in crime and always bringing the laughs I love you tee happy birthday queen 21👑21🎂21! #sagittariusleoslibrasandtaurusaretheonlypplthatseemtoexistinmylife
I have the best sister in the world.
link in bio #savenetneutrality
😂 channeling missy elliot, erykah badu & oompah loopah all at once . it's a good look buying coveralls and in every color and pattern; what y'all think ? #thathighlighttho #canyoutellimlowkeywearingheels #jamesisthebestpartner
I'm trash's my birthday (and the start of my month) but let's take a break to celebrate the one and only @zelvxn7us you always set me straight when I need it most so this is a public apology and s/o to my bud lol 😂 love you I promise to never forget again !
iight y'all so I'm running around this record store looking for gifts for the fam. @freely_poetic is helping me locate the goods when we walk past this group of tall, dark and handsome men I'm swooning over a Jimi Hendrix shirt cause duh and I notice dude (right of photo) mean mugging me to which I ignored cause but then Bria says "is that Kofi?" ..long story short we got photos w/ him and homie in the back can stay mad 😂 nah I'm kidding but look at how great our skin looks ! #tinychocolatebabes #nola #essencefest #peachesrecords #queensugar
when the universe speaks you respond . #essencefest photos from our lil taste of fame in the company of all things black, proud and beautiful coming up soon ! #girlstrip
I promise to upload photos and stuff from essence at some point til then I'll keep reminiscing on the hours spent stuck in Chicago airport . admittedly @dancewithtee and i over it almost immediately but these lights (and other art) kept me entertained
I need y'all to understand how incredibly awesome @r_stephen was throughout the entire process of designing and making this vision come to life . we bought our dress sketch and a fabric swatch to Randal and over the next few months it evolved into the most fluidly opulent and comfortable thing we could image . thank you again for helping bring this entire vision to life 💕 ( I love a good action shot ) . . . #prom2017 #rstephens #badandboujee #artshighalumni #bardhighschool #bhsec #classof2017 #custom #promdress
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