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Some familiar faces gather to prepare for the consummation🌚Been drawing some weird shit for The Demon Bride part 2
Making progress on the comic... The Demon Bride, page 4
It's taken me a while to come to the point where I can finally understand traumatic experiences I've had as sexual assault. Despite the amazing, powerful force of so many women and femmes I know and don't know talking about their experiences more and more I've always felt like what has happened to me didn't count. I was afraid I was somehow responsible and therefore didn't deserve to take up space in a movement meant for people with trauma that was somehow more real than mine. I've been thinking a lot about my adolescence and the countless small insidious things that were done to me by men that set president for me to not trust myself when I sensed something was wrong. That, perhaps even worse, taught me that it was normal and expected and if I ever wanted or needed anything--success, love, approval, a pack of cigarettes--I had to give up a part of myself I didn't really want to. #metoo
Spring day, drawing satanic fuck dungeon comix, rosé, and Gilmore Girls. What more could I ask for?
@yankeecandle I love your pumpkin spice candle so much I burn it year round cuz it's the only thing that keeps me sane when it starts getting warm and the winter goth in me has to go into hibernation for the next 6 months plz send lifetime supply
Regram from @printedmatterinc ~~ So excited to be a part of their table at @parisassbookfair this year alongside some of my favorite artists 😍😭
One of my all time fave drawings is going off to a new home! Thank you @xandrasvoo for supporting my work 💕
Happy International Women's Day 💪
Study of a Jim Nutt drawing
Some lil' illos for Cliterary Journal #2 ~~ will appear in an essay about love and moms #maidenmothercrone
D&D dream wife #highpriestess #sketchbook
HELP! I need some advice... this dude I don't know inquired about buying this painting and offered me $600 cash. I've been trying to get $1000 for it but offered it to him for $800 because I'm broke as fuck rn. He responded "600--firm offer." This painting is 5 feet tall. It has at least $200 worth of materials in it and it took me 6 months to paint. $600 is a fucking insult especially because he is a white male of retirement age with disposable income to buy art. What is $200 to a person like him??? I make almost $600 each paycheck working 50 hours at a grocery store. I wanna tell him to fuck off and stop wasting my time, but I'm so desperate for money. It feels so terrible to be taken advantage of, especially by an older dude who I'm assuming just wants a hot painting of a nude girl to jerk off to, and thinks I'm just a little girl who would be thankful for pennies to buy candy and cigarettes. Been feeling so hopeless and crazy over not being at a place in my life yet where I can support myself with my work... it's so infuriating to be treated like my hard work is worth a fraction of a living wage. But I'm seriously on the brink of doing a fucking medical study to pay off bills and could really use the money... When is it important to stand your ground and prioritize your principles and when is it ok to swallow your pride for practical gain? P.S. Does anyone wanna buy this for $800?? Lol.
If u want a t shirt to exist ~ make it
Studio night 🌙
Portrait of Žižek I made for my bro for his b day. Turns out I love drawing grumpy old men ? #žižek #continentalphilosophy #portrait #penandink #grumpyoldmen
Missing camping season 😢
Repost from @svalibrary Thanks for the feature! So excited to be in the library collection at School of Visual Arts 💜 check it out in the stacks or get your own copy at @printedmatterinc
Page 2 of the demon bride 👹 . . . #comic #rosemarysbaby #undergroundcomics #feministcomics
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