Peter Guise

Took well to long to think of what quote I'd take from whats my age again to put here

Just a shit muttonbird island tbh #matterhorn
In awe of the size of the lad Absolute unit #bvb #Dortmund #reus #westfalenstadion
In awe of the size of this lad Absolute unit
This is now a Mouaki themed Instagram
Very very very powerful -Sekou
What the fuck is dad sending from my mum's phone to family members
3275 fucks who cant spell #asnfulled #asnfuelled
Mad ting cant wait
Off to Europe how crazys that
What an embarrassment
Absolutely fucking robbed arsenal
الكلاب حرام
I need an adult
New ting
SO zahoor bacha
"Klopp doesnt spend enough on defenders" Klopp: "Watch this"
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