Peter Guise

Took well to long to think of what quote I'd take from whats my age again to put here

What the fuck is dad sending from my mum's phone to family members
3275 fucks who cant spell #asnfulled #asnfuelled
Mad ting cant wait
Off to Europe how crazys that
What an embarrassment
Absolutely fucking robbed arsenal
الكلاب حرام
I need an adult
New ting
SO zahoor bacha
"Klopp doesnt spend enough on defenders" Klopp: "Watch this"
Just try and get through that door I dare you
Yo bad man is a maths GENIUS #hsc
18th buddy good time good time yes very good buddy
It's taken many years to achieve the level of keyboard warrior that I'm at now
Catch us at loot lake buddy
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