Perry's Victory & IPM

This is the official Instagram account for Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial.

Happy Holidays!
Another season has come and gone! Thank you to all of the wonderful visitors we met in #2017 ! Thank you for an awesome season! Here's to #Summer2018 #islandlife #closedown #PIB #perrysvictory
These small visitors stopped to enjoy the flowers before continueing on their long journey south.
Ranger Rob hanging out with Put-in-Bay School at the Ottawa Country Career Showcase
Barn dedication going on now!
When the ranger go out to play they stack hats! #nps #npsranger #perrysvictory
The next artillery demo at 3 will be almost timed to the minute of the last shots of the battle 204 years ago today.
Hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend. No filter needed. Thank you Ranger Mitch for this great picture.
Don't forget today is the last day for senior passes! Come get your pass! Alison will be here til 5! #perrysvictory #PIB #nps #findyourpark #seniorpass
Happy Eclipse everyone! Not all pictures are bad through solar glasses! #perrysvictory #eclipse2017 #findyourpark #PIB
A lot of visitors watching the eclipse today!
What do you get when you have a militiaman, marine, sailor and two infantrymen? A big 3:00 musket demonstration.
BIG flags in Honor of World Ranger Day
Volunteer Jeff outstanding in a field! Ok out on our lawn. Either way visit him and learn about life of a sailor during the War of 1812.
Maintenance loaned Ranger Nancy to Interp to help at the Lake Erie Islands Wildlife Center Nature Camp.
The doctor is in. He will gladly fix up any of your battlefield wounds.
Rob Carpenter and Town Crier Michael Lieber at Naturalization Ceremony!
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