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Every Friday 12-2pm PST on DUBLAB Analogue Players Club ... Monthly on NTS all Reggae sounds Rockers Delight... Makin shit 🤙

It’s not a theory
Happy Valentine’s Day
Happy Valentines day & Hey shout out to the lovely folks @pbvinyl ! They’ve been supporting us and a whole lot of others over the years, a killer distro we need to help keep running! Heard they posted up a go fund me page to keep bring us all amazing things , tune in to @dublab and if you can , float them a couple bucks so they can keep us all floating on wonderful tunes!!! 8-10pm pst!
Oh @brontezpurnell !!! 💯 !!! 😂❤️😂
Very psyched to take part in this @robertbeattyart Art Party new poster video screning free drink bonanza! @cargoworld Cargo Collective warehouse! We’ll be doing a hybrid dj/live set for 4 hrs with special guest John Early to break it up... A great Thursday warm up session to keep yourself in maniac mode for the weekend! Special thanks to @samxl and Pure Filth sound for making sure this B💥💥MS and @dublab for the extra support and Dj gear! Hope to see you there! Help us break the instagram algorithm and repost this :)
Peaking Lights is playing this free show at Fig & 7th tomorrow at 5pm, gonna unleash the beast! Also a bunch of vegan food trucks and @dublab djs if you’re in to some pre dinner rhythm mashing you know where to find us!
APC Live on @dublab until 2pm pst! Toon in!
necessary regram from @marcel.vogel !
Regram from @the_urxed of Image Club at last nights @succession_sounds , Thanks for having me !
Was really psyched we got to skate @osterstyle ‘s full pipe the other day !!! Really cool experience!!! Thanks dude :)
Finally got the Acid drop!!
Ya’ll ready for a trainwreck ? Roll thru for some comedy
Steezy Boneless !!!
Happy Sunday Ya’ll!
Psyched to play a bunch of new stuff at this show in a couple days!!! If you’re in the area roll thru!
If you know what’s good for you best be at this show tonight! I’ll be doing sound for @warm_drag who’s record I help produce and it’s fucking rad! Also @dipuss is going to blast your optic nerves with industrial S&M ... Flaccid Mojo will probably punch you, Ornament will wipe your ass with sandpaper and Grave Zone is gonna lash you... Should be fun @zebulonla
Analogue Players Club on @dublab today. Perfect time to tune out of the BS and in to the BLISS mostly heaters, some beaters and a few cheaters !
Percussive workout so to speak out on @twoflowersrecords today vinyl plays at 33.3 & 45 digi plays at whatever digi does. Vinyl coming very soon new solo project ...
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