me and Garfield caught on film by Sobes @djsober
Anybody that knows me knows I love a good wedding. Two of my favorite people got married yesterday and we had the most fun. @djrossone @harleyvnewton thanks for having us. Wishing you the most cats, success, joy and happiness in your new union. Love wins!! Love, K&P.
#tbt sending love and condolences to the family and friends of Jason Brunson. Jason was one of my mentors in being a creative person. I learned a lot from him about dedication, attention to detail, lines, art, painting and life in general. He was always encouraging to younger guys coming up under and after him and down to help you in any way he could. You'll hear countless stories of him letting people crash at his house, buying them a meal or just lending a hand. He mentored a lot of people and led me to do a lot of things in my life that I'm most proud of. Cincinnati, The midwest and America just lost a legend. #riprapes #speedbeard
finally back home... #irma
Told my Mom I wanted a Kangol for Christmas and she came through. I was super geeked. Love you Mom.
Haven't posted since Mother's Day so I guess it's only right. Happy Dad's Day to this guy, my main man @kikbuti we don't really do the sappy stuff but I love him to the moon and back!!
Stuntin. Happy Mom's dayyyy
Young OG @clockworkdj came through the spot this week. #natiboyz
IT'S A TRAP!!! 📷 @kikbuti
Destro'd out the whip #gijoe
#tbt Mama I made it. The Roxy, Hollywood 2009. #sidekick
This record represents a turning point in my life. Mid twenties meandering through the world trying to figure out where's what and do I make a left here or just follow the main road? @djrossone snatched me out of my stupor and dragged me to Brazil on a two month sabbatical with @brentronic We did a lot of fun stuff but mostly we just drank beer on the beach all day, shopped for records and dj'd parties. Ross had all the record connects and I didnt buy that much. I think I came home with less than five records. I saw this cover and just knew there was something there. The eyes of these two kids. After immediately picking it up Ross and Brent both said "whoooooaaa you need that" They both already owned it apparrently. "That's a great record" Ok fine I'll get it. We listened to it on Ross' portable once we got back to the apartment. Everything started to make sense after that. I'll spare you all the melodrama but after I came home from this trip I left my hometown and moved to New York, hit the reset button and got to work. Sidenote, this portable turntable was my favorite toy as a kid. My Dad cleaned it up and regifted it to me for my 30th birthday. Who knew that this one object would set the course for my entire life? Another sidenote, this post was inspired by @myles.henry.tipley go follow him if you don't #morningmusic
This was the last time I saw this guy. We talked about life, kids, music... all the usual things you talk about when you catch up with old friends. As you get older all the years of working toward your goals sometimes you don't take the time to reflect on what you've actually accomplished. I think in this moment he was happy. He finally had everything he always wanted. Everything was in place. We talked about where music was going and how he was getting bored making the kind of music he had been making. He wanted to make more upbeat music. Faster and dancier. I told him I really liked this record on his last project and that we should rework it together. He said I should rap on it. I said no it just needs a little tinkering to make it hit more in the club (thats what I tell everybody.) Long story short here it is 8 or 9 years later and I reworked the record finally. It hits more in the club!!! lol. Link is in my bio.
Uncle Ralph and Aunt Tede
Can the drummer have some y'all? can the drummer have some? Cuz the drummer ain't had none in a loooooooong time...
Been rocking with this dude since the 7th grade. Almost 30 years later and we're still going around the world together making music, drinking and having fun. #fivedeez
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