Official 🤘🏼M.M.T ❤️ VII•IV•MMXVI

•Smile In Life’s Rain•
•Rain Drops Are Falling On My Head•
•Abandoned- /e’band(e)nd/ Adjective Having Been Deserted Or Cast Off•
•One Day• 📸: @sam.jenkins_
•Bring It To Life• 📸: @sam.jenkins_
•Writings On The Walls• 📸: @99percentsure
• In The Windmills Of My Mind• 📸: @_thechosenson_
•The Grass Gets Greener•
•A Great Big Happy Birthday To This Lovely Lady Right Here! 23! ☺️❤️ I’m So Happy I Got To Spend The Day With You•
•All Shades Of The Night•
•Find The Strength Of A Soul Through There Eyes•
•Awesome Dark Edit By @abdelofficial_
•Awesome Dark Edit By @abdelofficial_
•Awesome Dark Edit By @abdelofficial_
•The Water Looked Pretty Dry Today So I Figured It Was A Good Day For A Swim• 📸: @chelle_torres_
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