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#Repost @_informed.citizen_ ・・・ Call me a #conspiracytheorist just don't call me collect from the #femacamp & detention centers coming soon to a neighborhood near you. . . . Photos courtesy of @9x9222.22
#Repost @freedom_faction ・・・ One week after a senator made headlines when he attempted to enter a Walmart that had been converted into a detention center for immigrant children and he was removed by police, a congresswoman is speaking out about her visit to a federal prison facility where dozens of immigrant women seeking asylum were separated from their children with no warning. #WashingtonState Rep. Pramila Jayapal visited a facility near #Seattle and met with more than 170 women who were transferred after they were taken into custody near the southern U.S. border, and she told The Nation that more than one-third of the women had been separated from their children—some because they were captured by immigration officers and some because they turned themselves in and were seeking asylum. The ages of the children ranged anywhere from babies to teenagers, and Jayapal said that while a few mothers were notified that their children had been placed in foster care, the majority do not know where their children are, and did not know they were going to be taken from them. “Thirty to 40 percent of these women came with children who had been forcibly taken away from them. None got a chance to say goodbye to their children—they were forcibly taken away. One said she was deceived because they were in detention together. Then the CBP officers told her she was going out to get her photograph taken. When she came back, she was put in a different room, and she never got to see the child again. Some of them said they could hear their children screaming for them in the next room.” The individual cases are horrific, and Jayapal said that one mother who brought her 8- and 12-year-old children to the U.S. seeking asylum from #Guatemala , was separated from them and is now terrified that her husband—who is going to be released from prison soon after serving time for raping a child—will come after them. 🖐🏾More in comments👇🏾
#Repost @3rdeyeopener ・・・ Did you think the FEMA camps would start with first class citizens? Why isn’t anyone saying anything? Kids are being taken away from their parents and put into fucking cages. Congressional officials aren’t being allowed to monitor the actions of these converted Walmart FEMA camps. Isn’t it crazy how i was called a conspiracy theorist for saying Walmart was converting to FEMA? If you haven’t noticed, TRUMP is furthering the goals of the NWO. There are kids in trouble under this administration. It isn’t even patriotism that is needed at this point, it is any caring, loving individual who ISNT a fucking snake or a sheep who needs to SPEAK THE FUCK UP NOW. #NotMyPresident , #NotEvenMyCountry ! There are grown adult police and ICE officials who are allowing this. #TheTimeToStandIsNow
#Repost @4biddenknowledge ・・・ If you don't eat it they can't poison you. If you eat it then you are poisoning yourself and have no right to complain. #4biddenKnowledge
Your perception is a misconception because of media deception.
Government aren’t here for the people they are here to control the people.
Still a class one carcinogen. 🤷‍♂️ #Repost @wthfilm ・・・ Meat and dairy are considered the biggest sources of dioxins. Dioxins “bio-accumulate,” meaning that there is a certain level in the plant, but when the animals eats it, it actually intensifies. In fact, dioxins are heavily concentrated in animal fat, and the best way to avoid them is to eat more fruits and vegetables. “This is just one more reason for having less animal fats in our diets. Blood samples from pure vegans, who consume no animal products, show that they have less dioxins in their bodies than average Americans.” - Arnold Schecter #wthfilm #dioxins #animalagriculture #meat #dairy #goplantbased #vegan
#Repost @shesscarlett ・・・ *Non graphic* _ See her, REALLY see her. Her life was dear to her. What right did we have to take it, as though something as basic as turning off a light switch or a TV. She was LIFE. _ She and others like her do not willingly give up their lives to us, they panic, they struggle and they fight until the bloody end, just as we would in the same terrifying situation. _ I also want to touch on the subject for those who understand energy, because energy transfer is a real thing - Anxiety, terror and depression creates negative energies within animals and these energies stay from the moment they are killed, to the moment their flesh is eaten by people, who in turn take on that negative energy within their own bodies. Be mindful of what you put into your temple. . . . . . . #bodyisatemple #bemindful #energytransfer #negativeenergy #animal_rights #benicetoanimals #animalsneedlove #loveallofthem #karmic #openyoureye #openyourhearts #peacefulwarrior #vegan_official #veganway
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