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Meat eaters don’t really know what they are talking about when they ask vegans “but where do you get your protein from?” Cut out the middle man (the cow) and get your protein straight from the source. It’s that simple. #Repost @alkaline_vegan_mineralite ・・・ Repost By- @alkalinehuman1 : __ Only plants can turn nitrogen from the air into amino acids , IF you have a nutritionist or health coach & they tell you to consume meat for protein or health sack them now ! Your teeth cannot liquefy animal cellulose this leads to blockages in the small intestine and connective tissues leading to degeneration & fermentation of the cells and internal environment . ___ Read protienaholic by Dr. Garth Davis to see how meat based protein affects health and longevity ___ #protein #health #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #healthyfood #organic #nutritionist #nutrition #vegan #healthy #plantbased #plants #fruit #fruits #fitness #sport #veganfitness #athlete #recovery #spiritual (via @alkalinehuman1 )
Take back your power.
Me 😂🤭💭🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Let’s not forget Theresa May as well. #Repost @enlightenedprophets ・・・ March 20th 2018. Donald Trump shows a chart highlighting arms sales to Saudi Arabia during a meeting with Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the White House, same day The U.S. Senate killed a resolution seeking an end to U.S. support for Saudi Arabia’s campaign in Yemen’s civil war. Unbelievable. We will never live in a world without war smh! These world 'leaders' act like kids.
The system is no accident. It was built this way.
#Repost @nadia_darling1 ・・・ Swipe to see how many in Congress that have dual citizenship.
The system will have you thinking legal means right.
The truth is no longer hidden. Now people hide from the truth. The truth makes many feel uncomfortable. 👁✨💥
You can still be deep in slumber. 🤭🤷‍♂️
Suckerberg talking out of his arse back in 09.
#Repost @truthseeker311 ・・・ Signs that you’re not providing your body with the correct nutrients it needs are: Low Energy, Heartburn, Constipation, Depression, Sleep Issues, Anxiety, Always Hungry. Listen to your body, it knows what is best for your health! Invest in yourself, after all you’ll be the best investment. There is no greater wealth than good health!! #GoVegan #Alkaline #Raw #FoodIsMedicine #SuperFood #Detox #Cleanse #Nourish #Healing #Nurture #Nutrition #Electric #MotherNature #Diet #CleanEating #Cures #Remedies #Vegan #HealthyBody #HealthyMind #HealthIsWealth #EatToLive #RespectYourBody #PlantBased #PlantPower #Fasting #BodyIsATemple #Health #Nutrients
Everything is upside down.
#Repost @eye.on.palestine ・・・ 🇵🇸#Palestine || #Video || This is how 17-year-old Ahed Tamimi responded when asked how she felt about her sentencing during her trial today. She and her mother Nariman were both sentenced to 8 months in Israeli prison. Her cousin Nour was sentenced to 5 months. . . عهد التميمي : " لا عدالة تحت الاحتلال وهذه المحكمة غير شرعية " . . @theimeu
#Repost @lowkeyonline ・・・ Norman Sicily until the 1200's was defined by its polycultural hybridity. This is a quadralingual tombstone made by Grisandus (the chief priest of King Roger the 2nd) for his mother Anna when she died. It contains Arabic, Latin, Greek and Judeo-Arabic (Arabic written in Hebrew letters). The period saw state bureaucrats keep records in Arabic. You even had King William 2nd of Sicily (who was the son in law of King Henry 2nd of England) penning poetry in Arabic. An interesting place indeed...
#Repost @freedom_faction ・・・ #Google has invested $300 million into a project designed to prop up #mainstreammedia and purge alternative outlets from the Internet. Google’s ‘#NewsInitiative ’ will fight ‘#conspiracytheories ’ by amplifying left-wing voices in politics and news – supplying them with all the necessary tools to artificially reach millions of people around the globe. “Our mission to build a more informed world is inherently tied to the reporting of journalists and news organisations. Our shared mission also reflects shared business interests,” Google’s chief business officer, Philipp Schindler, promised in a post. Campaignlive.co.uk reports: As a step towards combatting the spread of #disinformation during elections and breaking news moments, Google is launching the #DisinfoLab alongside the #FirstDraft (a project of the #HarvardKennedySchool ’s Shorenstein Center). It is also teaming up with the #PoynterInstitute , #StanfordUniversity , and the Local Media Association to launch #MediaWise , a US project designed to improve digital information literacy for young consumers and help them distinguish false from true. Following its promise last October, and indeed, yesterday, to help publishers grow their subscriptions, Google announced it is in the early stages of testing a “Propensity to Subscribe” signal based on #machinelearning models in DoubleClick. The aim is to make it easier for publishers to recognise potential subscribers, and to present them the right offer at the right time. Recognising that not every publication has the resources to dedicate a team to collect, analyse and understand their user data, Google has included News Consumer Insights, a new dashboard built on top of Google Analytics. To help news organisations provide journalists with secure access to the internet, Google has launched #Outline , an open-source tool from Jigsaw that makes it easy to set up a VPN on a private server. #ObeyBigBrother #ManufacturingConsent #ThoughtPolice #1984 #SocialEngineering
The alien plant that is cannabis. @cannabisoilcures
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