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Full Body Roll Out *variation . Kneeling rolls out too easy? Full standing to hard? . Try this variation, grab two lightweight resistance bands wrap around wheel and toes . Band will allow sufficient resistance to control the motion . *tip* at full extension pause for 3-5 seconds
The Number 1 priority is to enjoy your workouts. If you like to run, then run, if you enjoy lifting, lift etc... it’s easier to stay consistent when you enjoy what you do.
Barbell Floor Press . Great exercise for developing upper strength. As being on the floor removes the ability to use your legs to drive through . Also reduces the strain on your shoulder joints . Programmed them in today just to finish my arms off at the end of the session
Great evening out at @thegreenplanetdubai with these two. Well worth a visit... especially when it’s in the @entertainergcc 👌 . #family #familyday #familydayout #dadbod #dad #cheekymonkey #uae #dubai
Landmine Deadlift . As you can tell I do love a landmine special and a exercise variation . Landmine deadlift is ideal for someone progressing from a KB deadlift or wanting to revisit/ improve on their hip hinge patterning
Need a goal to stride for! . Looking for suggestions, people said try crossfit, do a triathlon, do a show... what do you reckon?
Trying to hang on to the weekend like . This weekend I wasn’t more than 10 meters away from this little legend
Tall Kneeling alternating KB press . I love to use the half kneeling and tall kneeling varieties. Puts a lot of emphasis on the hips and core to keep you stable . 🎥 @rhian_adams_athlete at @6pdxb
It’s the weekend and all I’m hoping for is a lie in till 7am 😂 . 📷 @rhian_adams_athlete
Hip Thrusts are not just for making an inappropriately angled video or a sculpted booty for showing off on instagram. 😬 . They are a great exercise used to develop glute strength, which is a critical aspect of fitness and maintenance of a healthy and pain free body. A strong posterior can support the spine, improve posture, reduce knee pain, increase speed and strength and improve muscle recruitment from the rest of the body. . This is just one variety of Hip thrusts that I perform before going into my compound lifts.
That moment in life when you question your life choices . #xline #xdubai #weekend #weekendvibes #adrenaline
Another landmine variation . Keep your shoulders and scapula region healthy and functional with this one
Pistols at the end were a bad idea . Short on time today so decide decided to intensify today’s lower body session . 1a front squat 1b power cleans 2a back squat 2b Romanian deadlift 2c 45 hyper 3a pistol squats (as many sets as I can until gym shut)
Gorilla Row 🦍 . Another row variety that you’re probably missing out on . Great alternative row where you really feel your back working as well encouraging a lot of core engagement and hip hinging
The Half Kneeling anti-rotational shoulder press . Someone told me I need to do some abs training videos... so here you go 😬 . Great accessory exercise to incorporate core stability whilst trying to maintain good form in your overhead press. . The introduction of the band adds a lateral force to the movement that your body has to counter act. . You’ll feel your glutes, inner core, obliques, Lats and shoulders on this one.
I do love a exercise variation . Cross Body KB Bent Over Row . Rowing exercise that allows for protraction and retraction of the shoulder. Whilst building unilateral strength and keeping your lumbar locked in. . Give it a go and let me know what you think
Squats off the menu currently . Back to building some unilateral strength . Probably my favorite lower body exercise is the RFE Split Squat . Great for addressing any imbalances, helps increase hip mobility, improvements in core strength and balance, produce significant muscles and strength gains with less load compared squats... and helps more importantly improve your squat Strength. . Currently working through a strength & power program trying to chase down the numbers I could do 2 years ago . 🎥 @kinesi_oli
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