OLD BAY Seasoning

There are only two things you need to know about OLD BAY Seasoning: 1) it's great on seafood and 2) it's great on everything else.

"Nothing says home like boat days, crab feasts, and 100% humidity." @andrealwatson
#HappyEarthDay ! There would be no BAY without you.
OLD BAY on top of #OLDBAY for steamed shrimp done right. Recipe link in profile.
Getting a rebate? Treat yourself with a feast!
Have you ever seen a more inviting feast? Tag us in yours! Photo cred: @meganichols
Switch up your weekly dinner rotation with this one-pan meal. Recipe link in profile.
So. Stylish. 📸: @gabbie.oakley.doodle
Only one more month until Dead Rise is available! We can't wait to crack open a cold one. @FlyingDog #NationalBeerDay
A taste of these homemade #OLDBAY fish sticks will have you wanting more! Recipe by @karylskulinarykrusade in profile!
Curly fries just taste better. A little #OLDBAY doesn't hurt! Recipe link in profile.
Can you spot the difference?
#OLDBAY + Crab = An eggcellent addition to your holiday feast. Recipe by @theyummymuffin02 in profile.
#OpeningDay = A whole lot of baseball and a whole lot of #OLDBAY . 📸: @2hungrygirls.co
@bakingthegoods knows how to snack! Recipe link in profile.
@samsonthedood knows a good thing when he sees it. #NationalPuppyDay
Crab stuffed anything is a good idea…but crab stuffed peppers is a great idea. #OLDBAY Recipe link in profile. 📸: @justtryingrecipes
This weather may not be ready for Spring, but we are. 📸: @carolynscooking #OLDBAY
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