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Protector-Powerlifter-Operator and Most importantly a God Fearing Man!!! Focusing on becoming a better person EVERYDAY....follow my journey with me 💪🏽

So I’m 10 days out from my competition and I’m faced with a decision....What shirt am I going to sport for this one?! Need something motivating....suggestions DM me or comment below
So my final heavy squat session and I hit my opening attempt 435 pretty easy!! 11 days out before it’s time to show why I been working so damn hard 💪🏽 🗣that depth though😍😮🙌🏽 #noquartersquatshere . . . In other news....first time wearing some @virusintl compression pants and damn it pains me to say this BUT I now see why so many people train in only these 🤭 They kept my legs warm and felt really really good!! Next time I’ll keep my shorts on though 🤷🏽‍♂️
I borrowed this from @lawdarko but definitely can’t agree with this more! #bluelinefamily 💙 #thinblueline #copslife
My HEAVY OVERLOAD squat walkout! (I did NOT squat this) I had to put 525lbs on my back and hold it for 10 seconds!! I must say it didn’t feel as heavy as I thought....definitely was tempted to take it for a ride BUT it will come soon enough 💪🏽
‼️Injury update‼️...1st bench session since hurting my chest Monday and it went pretty good ▪️ ▪️ There’s still some pain/tightness but i was able to do 3x1 pause at 275 without wrist wraps pretty easy! Slowly getting back to 💯 since benching an empty bar Monday was bad to the point i thought i would have to pull out my competition. Also did some boring squats 4x2 with 380. Two weeks out trying to stay healthy 🙄 proceeding with caution until then⚠️ . . Side note Got to love a gym that willing to get the best equipment for us I LOVE THIS COMPETITION BENCH 😍
Had a little adversity Monday when I hurt my chest but been rehabbing it for the last couple days so I’m feeling much much better/no pain! So i figured I’ll hit my last heavy deadlift session of the program and boy was it a good one...On the lunch menu 3x1 increasing to RPE 9 475x1 525x1 and a NEW PR 550x1 @ RPE 9..confidence is sky high 🚀 @whitney.sp getting me competition ready 💪🏽 definitely won’t overextend at the top of the lift like i did in this video again 🤦🏽‍♂️SN....these new @a7intl shorts are LEGIT got to get me another pair 😍 WHAT WILL I PULL IN TWO WEEKS?! 🤔 #maddawggiveaway #redcon1 #a7intl
*3 weeks out* The last heavy squat session of the program 3x1....425x1 455x1 THEN 475x1 RPE 8.5ish!!! @whitney.sp program is amazing 475 was my 3rd attempt in my November competition and i just smoked it today even with all the fatigued building up (gym PR tho), so yeah I’m pretty excited right now!! Aye @ct_whitney we climbing 📈 @phood7 with the spot making sure i didn’t die! Thanks bro . FYI....🗣MY SQUAD DONT QUARTER SQUAT 🤷🏽‍♂️🤫 #stillpetty . What will my 3rd attempt be in 3 weeks though?! 🤷🏽‍♂️🤔 #roadto500 #whitneysp #gymmotivation #squats #depthbeforedishonor #powerlifter #powerlifting @leoathletepd @powerlifting_gram @powerliftingmotivation @bluelinefit_ @thin_blue_line_athletics @bluelinebeasts @policefitnessnutrition @sbd.usa
Week 8 (Deload week) of @whitney.sp program and I must say might be the best program I have ran so far!! I was programmed to hit 2 sets of singles staying within range of RPE 8-9 on bench squat and deadlifts this week.... . . Yesterday I was able to hit 315 with competition pauses (last set shown) @tony.n.april.whitney with the great spot and motivation 💪🏽 . . Today PR CITY....525 (2x1) on deadlifts!! Being able to hit that after the first set of a single THEN follow it up with a 2nd set for two and leaving with a feeling of being able to pull a 3rd Rep is an AWESOME feeling!!!! Definitely trending 📈💪🏽 5 weeks out #motivated FYI I swear i follow the program 98% of the time @ct_whitney 🙊🤷🏽‍♂️🤫😂 form LOCKED IN 😍🙏🙌🏽
On the Lunch menu today..2 sets of 1 at 455 lbs BUT of course i got a tab bit greedy 👨🏾‍🍳 as i always do 🤷🏽‍♂️ 🤦🏽‍♂️ ▪️ ▪️ As much as I WISH/WANT not every set going to look second set the bar rolled on me (probably had it a little to low or back wasn’t as tight as it should’ve been) you can clearly see the misgrooved 🤦🏽‍♂️🤬 BUT i still ended up hitting a Rep PR(2 lol)!!! I’m going to call it RPE 9.5 I think if the bar didn’t roll it would’ve been about ah RPE 9.....I think a 3rd Rep would’ve been a HARD GRINDER definitely don’t want that!! HOWEVER 🗣 we climbing 📈 5 weeks out!!! Appreciate @tnemecz for the spot and motivation!! 💪🏽 AND I’m always critical about my form got to keep getting better!!
On the menu today...closed grip bench press 4x6 at 225 with AMRAP last set! . . I’m always working and trying to better my form and set up (especially with bench press). Today i wanted to focus less on leg drive and more on staying tight throughout my whole body. Definitely felt much stronger by focusing on the cue of driving through my toes toward my head! Being consistent is the name of the game 💪🏽 🎥@imdaveyy showing off his skills
Six weeks out from my next competition and I’m breaking PRs!! Top set of 425x3 (PR) definitely had more reps in me but I’m sticking with @whitney.sp program!! Then back off sets of 3x3 last set being an amrap at 380 lbs! Body still feeling good just going to keep grinding with my head down. Shirt says “don’t bug me I’m training” that’s what type of mood i was in today🤷🏽‍♂️ I’m hungry for that 500 lbs!!! . . @teamfitforduty @policefitnessnutrition @fitcops @thin_blueline_america @bluelinebeasts @bluelinefit_ @squat_university #squats #whitneysp #bluelinebeast #powerlifting #powerlifter #fitcops #powerliftingmotivation
Who loves DL day?! Me 🙋🏾‍♂️ lol worked up to a heavy triple with 495 RPE 8-8.5 held the last rep to work on my grip strength (definitely came up quicker than what it felt like 🤔)....then hit some back down sets 4x4 at 405 lbs! These numbers are RISING 💪🏽 7 weeks out before I’m back on the platform 🔥 @ct_whitney we climbing📈 @whitney.sp #whitneysp #powerlifting #deadlift @iamleoathlete @thin_blue_line_athletics @policefitnessnutrition @bluelineflex @bluelinebeasts @bluelinefit_ #gymmotivation #highlymotivated @fitcops #copsthatlift
Happy Founders Day to all my frat across the world!!! 104 years and we’re only getting better!!! 🗣BLU-PHI GOMAB 🤘🏽 #phibetasigma #phibetasigmafraternityincorporated #phibetasigma1914
Jax had a whole professional photoshoot with @krystenwhartonphotography this morning. Got to say the photographs came out wonderful! Glad i didn’t have to stand outside for this 🙊🤷🏽‍♂️ . . @dogs.lovers @dogsofinstagram @germanshepherd_corner @thegermanshepherdworld @german_shepherd_insta @germanshepherdsgsd #dogsofinstagram #dogs_of_instagram #germanshepherd #germanshepherdofinstagram #landshark #workingline
*FREE TIP 🚨* If you’re trying to get stronger/bigger muscles, incorporating PAUSE reps into your programming would help you tremendously!!! Rather it’s squats, bench, or deadlifts (if you’re not into that type of thing, maybe you can do pause bicep curls 😂🤦🏽‍♂️) these would make a world of difference. During each rep, FOCUS on your form and BRACING at about 60-70% of your max. Making your lifts harder now for the day you’re ready to cash in on your return (1 rep Max) Squats 5x3 top set @ 345lbs and Bench 3x3 top set 285lbs...And YES I squat and bench 3-4 times 🤷🏽‍♂️ . . . #gymmotivation #powerlifting #squats #squatlife #benchpress #fitcops #leoathlete #bluelinefit #bluelinebeasts @iamleoathlete @bluelinebeasts @bluelinefit_ @bluelineflex @bluelineathletics @policefitnessnutrition @fitcops @whitney.sp #whitneysp #weclimbing @policemuscle #copsthatlift #povertybench @thin_blue_line_athletics @thinbluelinefamily
Form is starting to feel like I’m finally locking it in!! Next week deadlift session going to be 🗣LIT just watch!!! 🔊headphones on, music blasting, focused, and GRINDING all year long!!! #gymgoals . . . Off topic I definitely need new gym clothes because these GAINZ are outgrowing my clothes.....any suggestions?! 🤔🙊💪🏽🙏🔥 #gymmotivation #deadlifts #powerlifting #powerlifter #leoathlete #fitcops
First training session of the year that’s setting the tone for the rest of the year! 2nd phase of my training block 💪🏽 🔹 Squat 1st working set 405# amrap @ RPE 8 (leaving 2 reps in the tank) THEN 4x4 w/amrap 330# @ RPE 8 followed by new exercise PAUSE DEADLIFTS 3x3 315-330! #whitneysp #powerlifting #squats #gymmotivation #noexcuses
I’m going to speak this in existence!!!!! Got to keep pushing it to the limits and grinding. #2018GOALS Watch my journey 💪🏽
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