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USPA 100kg/220lbs Div🇺🇸 ➖SWAT/Patrol/FTO🚨🚔🏋🏾‍♂️ ➖Powerlifter💪🏽 ➖Aspiring PL Coach ➖ARMY National Guardsman ➖Sorta of ah BadAss 🤷🏽‍♂️ ➖SIGMA MAN 🤟🏽

Week 10 recap of the main lifts...Nothing to see just a bunch of doubles AND hard work! Almost at the finish line and body still holding up! 🙏 won’t show the boring back off sets, just know there was A LOT! 🙄🤢 UPDATE: since I’m in mid prep for my competition i can’t do any PRs right now but I’m still going to submit this to #GarageGymCompetition maybe It’ll count maybe not 🤷🏽‍♂️ it’s all for fun anyway 😊 @gray_matter_lifting ➖ 🔹 Squats 440X2 (not shown) 462X2 RPE 8.5 🔹 Bench 297X2X2 RPE 7.5 🔹Deadlift 518X2 RPE 8 #noexcuses #gymmotivation #whitneysp #powerlifting #squats #benchpress #deadlift #uspapower #uspaillinois #uspapowerlifting #heavylifting #heavylifter #garagegym #hardworkanddedication #noquit #mypassion #motivated #depthbeforedishonor #deepsquats #roguefitness #sbdkneesleeves #rawlifter #220weightclass #fitcops #fitcopsnation #bluelinebeasts #leoathlete #thinblueline #garagegym #garagegymcompetition
@ct_whitney programmed weighed dips this week BUT I don’t have a dip belt sooooo I improvised! So i did them with my SWAT kit on which is probably between 35-40 lbs! 3 sets of 12 . . . #bluelinebeasts #swatteam #policeofficer #gymmotivation #noexcuses #tactical #tacticaltraining #tacticalathlete #whitneysp #tricepsmatter #trainforlife #trainforyourlife #swatcop #thinlineathletics #leoathlete #fitcops #fitcopsnation #fitcopsfamily #blueline #bluelinefamily
Sooo I don’t post a lot of my bench videos because well bench sucks! It’s the lifts that kicks my butt! However, over the last year, I have really been grinding, working on different set ups AND grip width. . . . Today was the first time EVER 142.5kg/315lbs at RPE 8 (with the collars) moved THIS GOOD/FAST with no spotter or hand off! Finished it off with 4sets of 6 (from 107.5kg/237lbs to 120kg/264lbs) Got to keep trending up all while staying healthy! I’m still #teampovertybench but I’m working on changing that! PLUS it’s the lift that MANY MANY people worry about which leads to the question I hate... “How much can you bench?” 🙄🤦🏽‍♂️
1st day of the transitioning phase w/ @whitney.sp to get my body geared up for the peaking phase!. . . Top set 205kg/452lbs for an easy SINGLE at RPE 7 🔥💪🏽 THEN back off sets 4x6 (162.5, 162.5, 165, and 167.5) in kg! SN..nope I can’t dance but that @pr_breaker kicked least that’s the excuse I’m using 😂🤫🤷🏽‍♂️ a little less than 6 weeks out AND starting to get ANXIOUS tho! Squats OVER everything 🦍 #cortscalibratedcompound . . #uspapowerlifting #uspapower #uspaillinois #whitneysp #powerlifting #squats #depthbeforedishonor #heavylifting #deepAfsquats #noquartersquats #bluelinebeasts #fitcops #fitcopnation #materiapreworkout #myjourney #gymmotivation #garagegym #roguefitness
Yeah I know....another boring swaat video, go figured 😂 🤷🏽‍♂️ here’s 200kg/440X4 with ONE rep left in a tank for a BIG rep PR! Gotta thank @tnemecz for motivating me and @pr_breaker giving me that extra push to take it to the limits 💪🏽 . . . @ct_whitney @whitney.sp almost time to switch gears #7weeksout #powerlifting #powerlifter #squats #squatmotivation #depthbeforedishonor #gymmotivation #beastmode #fitcops #squatgang #noquartersquats #strongstrongfriends #heavyhitters #uspaillinois #uspa #uspapowerlifting #prbreaker #materiapreworkout #roguefitness #calibratedplates #garagegym #garagegymlife #virusintl #sbdkneesleeves #sbdbelt
Listen squats felt like crap this week BUT let me tell y’all BENCH yesterday and DEADLIFTS are taking off! My body can’t keep up with the suggested RPE 8 scale numbers....@ct_whitney @whitney.sp programming is CRAZY! . . . 1st video top set 238.5kg(524/525lbs)X2 supposed to been RPE 8 but more like a 7 AND 2nd video 130kg/286X3 RPE 7! We building 💪🏽🔥 @tony.n.april.whitney dude whenever you’re ready the bench is waiting on you!
Who’s ready to eat?! 💪🏽 . . Stay motivated keep your eyes fixed on achieving your goals you set for yourself! Not every workout will be great however, keep pushing yourself to be great because no one is going to hold your hand to get it DONE! Keep pushing forward one day at a time because when all those days are added up.....YOU WILL BE BETTER THAN THAT FIRST DAY YOU STARTED! . . THIS IS MY ONLY RULE FOR MY GYM! #staymotivated #gymmotivation
First workout with calibrated plates....I promise these felt much heavier than regular gym plates! Here’s a top set 195kg/430lbsX3 at RPE 8 THEN hit some volume sets 4X6 at 160kg/352lbs with an amrap on the last set for 8 reps! @ct_whitney @whitney.sp #whitneysp #powerlifting #powerliftingmotivation #depthoverdishonor #squats @depth_beforedishonor_squatco 💪🏽
Finally got everything together! Phase 1 is finally done and the first workout with these plates was hmm.....HARD but felt really good though! I still haven’t figured out a name for my gym yet 🤦🏽‍♂️ @garagegymexperiment @garagegymlab #powerlifting #powerliftinggym #powerlifter #mygymmyrules
@rtnelso3 and I checked out @unyoked_crossfit today and man it’s an AWESOME gym!!! The atmosphere is worthy for the Powerlifting Gods! . . . First time playing around with steel plates in training AND they’re MUCH heavier than the plates I usually lift with! Thank you Kam for allowing us to lift there definitely appreciative!! . . ↪️top set 435x2 RPE 7 then 3x6 at 350 last set amrap at 8 reps! @ct_whitney @whitney.sp #whitneysp
Just when I thought @ct_whitney @whitney.sp can’t bury me anymore and had me thinking I knew all of his tricks...HE ADDS TEMPO SQUATS 3-1-0 (3 sec down 1 sec paused in the hole THEN explode up) count was probably a tab bit off I was trying not to die 🤦🏽‍♂️💀😔 . . Seriously, I thought pause deadlifts were the worst BUT this takes the GOT DAMN 🎂 BY FAR! Lol 4x4 at 315 last set shown. So hard made me forget how many reps I did lbvs 🤦🏽‍♂️ If you think I’m lying, try them and let me know what you think afterwards! Ladies add these to get those booty gainz 🤫 TIME UNDER TENSION=STRENGTH GAINZ
Success isn’t given to anyone! Whether it’s Weight loss, new PRs, bigger muscles, being leaner, or just running all comes down to these two things, ARE YOU WILLING TO WORK HARD AND SWEAT! So what are you waiting on?! LET’S GET THESE GAINZ, Because I’m rooting for EVERYONE wanting to change their bodies/lives for the better, HEALTH IS WEALTH! . . . So post those progression pictures, those videos of you making gainz and sweating in the gym, let’s hold each other accountable! #fitfam #gymmotivation . . Sincerely, your NUMBER ONE FAN! 💪🏽 #teampositivity
W5D3..1st deadlift session with the belt in this Block went..Meh 😔 but got it done! Speed was decent tho BUT still trying to adjust to lifting with a belt again 🤦🏽‍♂️ . ↪️ Top set 515X1 RPE 7 ↪️ 3X8 at 385 last set I did 10 💀🔥! . . I probably over analyzed all my lifts because lifting any weight with bad form means nothing to me, I’m in this for the long haul PLUS helps with injury prevention 🤓 #freetip . . In this video, I let the weight pull me forward slightly (lats wasn’t as tight as they should’ve been and/or didn’t pull the slack out the bar enough).... Even the slightest misgroove can make a world of difference when you’re lifting in the 90%+ range or trying to hit a PR! Side note...I hate conventional cardio so lifting high reps works MUCH MUCH better and harder in my opinion! If you don’t believe me try deadlifting for 10-20 reps and let me know how that goes! 👌🏾🤫 @whitney.sp @ct_whitney #teamwhitneysp
W5D1...New training block started today and I got to wear my belt again WHICH felt like 🗑 🤦🏽‍♂️ PLUS I had a little too much fun the night before🤫! @ct_whitney killed me with these 8s BUT challenge accepted 🙄! @pr_breaker got me through it even on no breakfast 🙏💪🏽 . ➡️ top set 450x1 at RPE 7-7.5 ➡️ 3x8 at 350 w/amrap last set (9reps ☠️) Collin i guess the new RPE calculator going to keep me from sandbagging now 🤦🏽‍♂️😂 @whitney.sp #whitneysp #powerlifting #prbreaker #prbreakermateria #squats #depthbeforedishonor #copsthatlift #heavylifting #strongfriends #virus #sbdkneesleeves #sbdbelt #leoathlete #thinblueline #strongcops #respectthedepth #squatbooty #gymmotivation #quartersquatgang #squatbenchdeadlift #uspapowerlifting #uspaillinois #sheepdawg #strongswatguy #thickthighssavelives #thickthighsmatter #uspapower
The day I been waiting for is here DEADLIFT DAY!!! @ct_whitney has to be a got damn WIZARD with this programming because I’m doing things I NEVER felt like I could right now AND I’m STILL 11 weeks out from my competition!!! . . . 525X1 and 545X1 BELTLESS for 🗣60 POUND PR!!!! My CURRENT MAX with the BELT IS 562 AND THAT’S On the platform 😮👀 @tony.n.april.whitney thank you for telling me to go up after that 525 pull 💪🏽 I knew it was going to be a GOOD day but DAMN THIS WAS A GREAT DAY!
🚨LONG POST🚨#motivationmonday I felt like sharing this video which is from July 2016....Back when I was an EGO LIFTER/QUARTER SQUATTER with no type of programming 🤦🏽‍♂️ Shortly after, I met someone who made me change my mindset and convinced me to work on my form AND depth. I stripped off the plates and worked my way back up from 135 lbs! AND yes it was LONG AND HARD JOURNEY😞 sorry flashbacks!!! So glad @quartersquatgang wasnt around then 😂😂🤫 . . So I say this, don’t worry what others might say or even think of you because it’s not THEIR journey nor is it THEIR body! Trust the process, become a sponge, learn all you can AND don’t be afraid of HARD ASS WORK bc I tell you, the achievements you GAIN along the way makes things that much more appreciative AND seeing the growth you made let’s you say THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING! This is MY story and journey, I hope someone finds this motivating because we all have to start somewhere RIGHT?!
W4D1....can we say PR city!! 430x1 @RPE 8-8.5 which is still a 25 lbs PR BELTLESS! Was going to go up again but I decided to just take the win! 💪🏽 got to play it smart 🤓 BUT that DEPTH though 😍🤩 . . This is little more than 85% of my current max with my BELT so yeah the confidence is rising and I’m still 13 weeks out from meet day! @ct_whitney @whitney.sp this programming is CRAZY 🤯 @imdaveyy thanks for making sure I didn’t die and the added motivation 😁 🗣POWERED OFF that @pr_breaker 💪🏽 all I ever want for BENCH and I think I finally and I mean FINALLY found the bench form, grip width, bracing, leg drive and foot placement that works for me! Even sped up the bar speed when I lower the bar 💪🏽🔥 . . On the menu today 255x3 (not shown) 275x3 285x3 AND 295x3 (last rep got crazy not sure why 🤦🏽‍♂️) Powered by that SAIYAN juice @pr_breaker with the @a7intl LET’S EAT shirt for a little extra MOTIVATION @whitney.sp got me climbing 📈
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