(Val)erie ο½₯゚: *✧ο½₯゚


- birds of prey cc; arabclla ac; hero__edits #omgpage #dccomics
- i would literally die for her slander comic nat in my presence and we’ll see cc; arabclla ac; sceneaudios #omgpage #marvel
- i am iron man we love the movie that started it all. 😌 cc; arabclla dt; @nyghtwings #omgpage #marvel
- 16 shots had to change a few things lol cc; arabclla (?) ac; mine #omgpage #marvel
- because they’re getting married in 10 days. 🌸 cc; orchus ac; lvstcifer dt; @nyghtwings #dccomics #omgpage
- where i left my lover. 🌸 yeah that’s supposed to be buckynat and natsharon, what about it? cc; orchus ac; mine dt; @lang.nat @nyghtwings @assgard @iiovinat @buchanstan @peanutashar @empiahs @blackeyedteddy @elekntra @prcximaa @pstcrparker @badbitchbucky @quaksn @strngedit @natbarncs and everyone else. πŸ’— #omgpage #marvel
- my babies. 🌸 cc; arabclla ac; sadisticvaleska dt; @nyghtwings @crphic @wxsped @scarletsandwich and everyone else who ships them . πŸ’— #omgpage #marvel #winterwidowrct
- laura kinney aka wolverine cc; arabclla ac; rigidimpulse_ #omgpage #marvel
- i love two (2) roma women who knows magic πŸ’—πŸ’–πŸ’žπŸ’—πŸ’–πŸ’ž [wanda’s part is kinda ugly ik] cc; arabclla ac; kute.audios dt; @assgard @softquill @wxsped @thorminq @thexwidow @o.dinson @lizzie.mp4 @x.barceloner @a.gletk @pythcns πŸ’—
- i stan two humorous geniuses πŸ‘©πŸΎβ€πŸ”¬πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ”¬ cc; arabclla dt; @hallucxnations @assgard @sablincva @buchanxnbxrnes @scarletxflash @softquill @oh_schnapp_s @enchantistt @mcrvcls @starkgazing @atrcpos @marvel_scldier @lcticia #omgpage #marvel
- actually can i have 5 more of these little blonde bitches? cc; arabclla ac; mine old edit #omgpage
- A WHITE? in this house we only stan the real maximoff twins cc; orchus ac; ahkari (my voice over) dt; @nyghtwings @wxsped @rcths @dharmastark #omgpage #marvel
- HBIC cc; orchus ac; swanthieft dt; @wxsped #omgpage #dccomics
- home cc; arabclla ac; marvelbless #omgpage #marvel
- did it make you feel bad when you cheated on your man last night? 🌸 [i accidentally added 2 o in my watermark] cc; arabclla ib; winterxwings dt; @natsgamora @arabclla @marvelical @hallucxnations @fvckingayer @cxptain_ass @bitchysteve @scenesme @dizxster @scarletxflash @icfinity + everyone else πŸ’— #omgpage #marvel
- baby girl who deserves better characterization. 🌸 cc; orchus ac; mine dt; @natsgamora πŸ’ #omgpage #marvel
- the superior iron man [just saying, if tony stark wanted to be a villain, he’d be unstoppable] cc; orchus ac; yaboicomics @nyghtwings 🌸 #omgpage #comics
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