Noelle Gray

Former 446 lbs obese gal who lost 226 lbs and counting turned 84 + kilo USAPL powerlifter. At 45 years old, my life is just beginning ❤

Bench day went great! Getting stronger in that area for sure- this cycle of programming has been amazing so far.... all the accessory exercises are really helping also. Now I'm using 45's for chest presses....i remember when I could only do 10 lbs. Whether you move from 5's to 10's, 20's to 25's, 40's to 45's, etc, it's all progress in the right direction 💛 I swear I'm loving this more and more by the day- even when my workout doesn't go as well as I'd hoped. Doing something because you love it with zero pressure makes all the difference 💛 #usapl #usaplmichigan #fromobesetopowerlifter #meetprep #girlswhopowerlift #girlswholift #powerlifting #powerlifter #squat #bench #deadlift #liftheavy #iron
Deadlift day! It went pretty good- could have been better but I think it went better than last week, so any improvement is exactly what I want. I filmed my top AMRAP set of 185 to see how my form is coming along. Have to say I'm pleased! All the hard work and lifting the empty bar time after time really is helping 😁 I do tend to round my back a bit after 3 or 4 reps because my chest isn't fully up before I stand, so I need to correct that, but my hips are locking out at the top, the bar is coming straight up my legs, and my new grip appears to be working....all in all I still have a lot of things to work on, but I've made improvements and that's what counts. Before I do my lifts I close my eyes, take a deep breath, take a moment to remember my cues and tell myself I can do it. That i can do anything I set my mind to, and nothing is impossible.. I'm not one to really like my pictures but this one I do because it caught a moment I never get to see myself in. 💛 #USAPL #usaplmichigan #whyicompete #fromobesetopowerlifter #girlswhopowerlift #girlswholift #meetprep #squat #bench #deadlift #liftheavyshit #irontherapy #iron #powerlifting #powerlifter
Great workout today- got 11 standing military presses at 65 lbs on my AMRAP set (thank you nose tork!) tried to to my 3 sets of 10 dumbbell shoulder presses using 35 lb dumbbells, (only managed 6 then switched back to 30's, but still 6 is better than none!), increased the resistance on the dip machine, and increased my barbell bicep curls to 75 lbs for 30 reps. Even if I hadn't hit PR's it still would have been a great workout because i got to do what I love first thing this morning. #USAPL #usaplmichigan #whyicompete #girlswhopowerlift #girlswholift #powerlifter #powerlifting #meetprep #squat #bench #deadlift
110 days till my first meet. So many emotions already. My only plan is to step on that platform and give everything I have. 💛 I'm 45 years old. My knees suck from the years I was severely overweight and a reconstructive knee ligament surgery. I'm already hearing shit about how bad I'll look in a singlet. I'm the only powerlifter at my gym, and the comments I hear aren't always encouraging. I live in a small town where no one really even knows what powerlifting is. I don't have the benefit of training at a powerlifting gym. I've been told my numbers for a lifter my size are laughable. But none of that matters. All that matters is doing something for me that makes me happy. Powerlifting has gotten into my heart and soul. When I struggle in life, I know it's always there. This sport has changed my life for the better because i have no pressure on myself to hit "X" amount of weight by a certain time. It has held me up through many struggles over the past 4 months. In the early mornings of each training session, I walk into the gym thankful and blessed I am able to lift. I give everything to every training session. I've been so frustrated I've cried and been so proud I've screamed in joy hitting a PR. I've bled, cried, and sweated.... but am always thankful for this amazing sport coming into my life. 💛 #usapl #usaplmichigan #whyicompete #fromobesetopowerlifter #meetprep #squat #bench #deadlift #girlswhopowerlift #girlswholift #liftheavyshit #liftheavy #powerlifting #powerlifter #iron
Take my money! 😂😂😂
I was never going to post this's a failed attempt to deadlift 230 lbs. Originally when I took the video I never had plans to share it or screen shot any still photos because I didn't like how heavy I looked in the picture. Today on Facebook, the #spartan40gogogo group made a post that asked to share a picture of hard work during our workouts. I don't know why this one stood was a failed attempt to deadlift 230 lbs. I tried so hard to get that weight past my knees, I legit gave it all I had until I had nothing left and had to drop it. I have no reason to be ashamed of this picture. As I look at it now, I'm not seeing how big my butt looks or my arms or legs or anything else. I see someone putting every last ounce of strength and effort and heart into something. So what if I wasn't sucessful? Looking at it now, I WAS successful. Not in the lift, but because I tried. I was afraid to try it because i didn't think i could, but I did it anyway. The day will come soon enough when I CAN lift that amount of weight. Until then, I'll keep giving everything I have in every training session. 💛💛 Thank you #spartan40gogogo . For reminding me sucess doesn't always have to mean achieving something. Sucess=trying. #USAPL #whyicompete #squat #deadlift #bench #powerlifting #powerlifter #girlswhopowerlift #girlswholift #meetprep #fromobesetopowerlifter
Awesome workout today! Deadlifts went nice and smooth, my top AMRAP set of 185 I hit either 7 or 8, and I also went up to75 in the barbell row. Amazing shit happens when I don't overthink it 😁😁😁 My hands probably will hate me later, as deadlifts always tear them up, but I look at them as battle scars. People ask me why I don't wear gloves- I can't because they're not legal in powerlifting, and I want lift as close to the conditions I'll be lifting in in my meet as possible, so I don't wear them. Squat day tomorrow..can't wait!!! #USAPL #usaplmichigan #fromobesetopowerlifter #meetprep #whyicompete #girlswholift #girlswhopowerlift #squat #bench #deadlift
Swapped deadlift and bench days around so I could give my back more rest 💛 Bench day went great today- did my 2 working sets, then my top AMRAP set of 6 reps at 110 without stopping, then did 3 sets of 2 at 115. For the first time ever I did 4 sets of 10 using the 45 lb dumbbells! I didn't get in my head about it, didn't even plan it- just kinda walked up to them and grabbed them as if they were the 40's I usually use. I find when I don't get in my head over planning a PR attempt, I'm more successful because I'm not in my head worrying or thinking about it- I let it come to me now instead of the other way around, if that makes sense. I'm getting stronger every session, and that's legit all I could ever ask for 💛 #USAPL #usaplmichigan #whyicompete #fromobesetopowerlifter #meetprep #girlswhopowerlift #girlswholift #squat #bench #deadlift #liftheavyshit #liftallthethings
PR's set without even thinking about it! Had 180 lbs as resistance on the dip machine instead of 190, finished my light conditioning sprints with the weighted sled in 5:33 instead of 6:01.....AND hit 10 on my standing military press AMRAP set! The only thing I for sure wanted to hit was my 10 military presses. Everything else was kind of like, "I wonder if I can go heavier?" 💛💛 18 weeks 5 days out! #usapl #usaplmichigan #fromobesetopowerlifter #girlswhopowerlift #girlswholift #squat #bench #deadlift #meetprep
Awesome workout today! Squats felt amazing- my quads are definitely getting stronger from all the leg work in this programming. My top AMRAP set of 185 I hit for 8, which is a volume PR! When I felt my form off, I'd repeat my cues in my head and fix it. Finished squat/leg day with 16 forty yard sprints pushing the weighted sled. Week 3 of 8 of this programming complete! Can't wait to see where I'll be at at the end of this cycle in 5 more weeks ❤ #USAPL #usaplmichigan #fromobesetopowerlifter #whyicompete #girlswhopowerlift #girlswholift #powerlifter #powerlifting #squat #bench #deadlift #meetprep Before I forget, huge shoutout to #bubblypowerlifter , whose videos I watch for squat technique. 💛
Another amazing workout!! PR's set that I wasn't even trying to set....just shows me that when I don't get in my head, awesome things happen! Only got 5 for my AMRAP set on my 110 lb bench press, but that's ok because my form was clean, and that's what matters. All time PR on one arm rows, 3 sets of 10 at 40 conditioning sprints (light day today) with the weighted sled-only eight 40 yard sprints) were finished in record time - 6:01 with minimal rest 💛❤ Getting stronger and that's my goal! Just over 19 weeks till my first meet- starting to get real! #USAPL #usaplmichigan #whyicompete #meetprep #fromobesetopowerlifter #girlswhopowerlift #girlswholift #liftallthethings #powerlifter #powerlifting #squat #bench #deadlift
Deadlifts, a ton of hamstring work, and conditioning sprints with the weighted sled today! Deadlifts didn't move as clean as I wanted them to because I think I was overthinking trying to get my set up and the pull right. My last set I got 7 instead of 6 from last week, but it was sloppy and didn't count. Rest of the workout went good, bent over rows felt light today with the same weight as last week. Hammies are fried from all the work they did today, including the 15 forty yard sprints pushing the weighted sled. There was a point I really wanted to quit during the sprints- I was exhausted and my hamstrings were killing me. The voice telling me to stop was pretty loud. Luckily I listened to the one who told me keep going and finished faster than I ever have with those 15. 💛 Make a choice to keep going, to give it all you have. You'll never regret it 💛 #USAPL #usaplmichigan #whyicompete #meetprep #girlswholift #girlswhopowerlift #powerlifter #powerlifting #fromobesetopowerlifter #squat #bench #deadlift
Amazing workout today! 3 weeks into this new programming and I've already gotten stronger 💛 Today was standing military press day and I've been trying to increase my final heavy AMRAP set by 1 each week. I do 3 sets and go up in weight the first 2 and the final is my AMRAP set. Week 1 I did 5. Week 2 was 7. This week was 9 😁😁 Not only that, week 1 of my weighted conditioning sprints even the easy day was hard as hell. I was taking all kinds of breaks and puking and pretty much felt as if I was dying. It took me around 25 ish minutes to do my eight 40 yard sprints. Today it took me about 10 💛 Can't wait until tomorrow for deadlift day! Counting the hours to see if all the practice will pay off and I can do one more rep than last week❤ Can't wipe this smile off my face even if I wanted powerlifting more than I can express in words. Officially 19 weeks 5 days out!! #USAPL #usaplmichigan #girlswhopowerlift #girlswholift #fromobesetopowerlifter #whyicompete #meetprep #squat #bench #deadlift #powerlifter #liftheavyshit #liftallthethings
How I feel standing up today after leg day and heavy squats yesterday 😂 #meetprep #usapl #usaplmichigan #fromobesetopowerlifter
Bench day! Volume PR at 110 lbs for 6💛 Love the fact I can do more than I could last week..chest is sore as hell but so worth it..squat day tomorrow- can't wait!! Just over 19 weeks out! ❤ #usapl #usaplmichigan #girlswhopowerlift #girlswholift #fromobesetopowerlifter #powerlifter #squat #bench #deadlift
One of these days i'll share my story on here, but for now, I wanted to just share this photo. Lifting is part of what saved my life when I was so obese I was close to death. It's brought me peace through pain, joy when I felt sorrow, and a sense of feeling like I found what I was supposed to do with my life when powerlifting was introduced... I say i found powerlifting but in reality, I think powerlifting found me ❤ #usapl #usaplmichigan #whyicompete #girlswhopowerlift #girlswholift #squat #bench #deadlift #powerlifter #powerlifting #irontherapy
See this smile? It's from getting to wake up every morning at 4:20 am to do what I love. 💛 Today's deadlift session went amazingly well! I was having some lower back tightness from my glutes being so tight and I was afraid it was going to affect my deadlifts but it didn't....super excited to report my top AMRAP set of 185 moved smooth like butter and unlike last week where I struggled to get 5 at 185, today I hit 7 and I didn't struggle a bit, just reset after every rep. Cleaning up my technique helped a TON....making sure my chest was up before I stood kept my back from rounding and to top it off, I did it beltless!! I'm finally learning how to brace and breathe properly!! All that time I spent lifting the empty bar over and over to get the technique right, watching the videos, listening to my coach, and all the lat/back accessory work I've been doing is really paying off!! I still have so much work to do, but I'm getting better every day and I can't ask for more ❤❤ Getting much better at my weighted conditioning sprints was hard conditioning day- 15 forty yard sled pushes. After 6 days, I feel I'm getting stronger there as well- all in all meet prep is going great and I'm thankful every day for how much powerlifting has brought to me. It makes my soul happy❤ 19 weeks 4 days out!! #USAPL #fromobesetopowerlifter #girlswhopowerlift #girlswholift #powerlifter #meetprep #squat #deadlift #bench #strongereveryday #usaplmichigan
Military press and other shoulder work plus conditioning sprints with the weighted sled was the workout today. For my top AMRAP set of the military presses I got 7 instead of the 6 I got last week, so that's an improvement! Legit spent after sprints, but those are coming along better too- even after just a week I notice I can run further than last week. Improvement is improvement no matter how small 💛❤ #usapl #usaplmichigan #fromobesetopowerlifter #meetprep #squat #bench #deadlift #girlswhopowerlift #girlswholift #liftallthethings #liftheavyshit
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