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Hey @theptboss show everyone how you eat a pancake....! 😝😝😝 . . Who thinks we should have a TV show/YouTube channel?? . . #EBONYANDIVORY
The pain that so many people avoid, is the same pain that I’ve missed for nearly three months now. . . Training has been an outlet for me from a very young age. I’ve never competed in bodybuilding or powerlifting. The amount of drugs it takes to be successful was never appealing to me. I’ve always trained for myself, “for no reason...” as some people say. They just don’t get it. . . Training has been something I’ve had when times got tough or when anxiety got the best of me. The gym seems to be one of the only places I can block everything else out and focus on what I’m doing. . . There’s no real point to this post I guess. Just know that when I get the green light to train the way I know how, shits gona get real. . . #NEVERSETTLE
Even on the days where you question just about everything, continue to do whatever you can to keep momentum on your side. Keep that ball rolling no matter what. It doesn’t matter how small or petty a task may seem at the time, if it pushes you a fraction of an inch closer to your goal, it was worth it. . . Keep moving forward. . . . #LEVELUP
Out of all of the people that are out there talking shit, not one is in a better position that you. . Remember that.... . . People that are doing better than you are focused on their own shit. . . So focus on your own shit. . . #LEVELUP
Sometimes, you have to starve in order to find the hunger that got you to where you are. . . Maybe I needed this injury to force myself to take a break, to find my direction again, to rediscover my ambition and find the hunger that I had years ago. Maybe I needed it to happen to give me a reason to prove people wrong. Something light the fire again.... . . . The fire is lit... 🔥🔥🔥 coming up on week 8 post op and feeling better by the day. Training around the injury every day still, but getting closer to being able to train my biceps the way I want to. . #NEVERSETTLE . . . . #fit #fitness #fitfam #fitspo #1STPHORM #IAM1STPHORM #legionofboom #MOTIVATION #motivate #inspire #THINBLUELINE #nypd #nyc #stl #gym #gymmotivation #aesthetic #health #muscle #bodybuilding
Happy Monday guys, just wanted to share with you one of the supplements that I’ve used throughout my recovery process to try to maintain as much muscle mass as possible while I recover from my surgery. . @1stphorm branched chain amino acids, or BCAAs, are three of the essential amino acids your body requires to operate. These three amino acids; Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine can increase muscle protein synthesis, increase muscle growth and decrease muscle fatigue. The use of BCAAs can prevent you from slipping into a catabolic state during periods of fasting, cardio or intense training. _ Although they're designed mainly for intra-workout consumption and proven effective, I’ve been drinking them through out the recovery process to battle the atrophy from not being able to train at my usual level. . BCAA’s are one of the most trusted supplements in the industry. @1stPhorm ’s BCAAs help to facilitate fat loss and new muscle construction. Also, by creating protein synthesis. It also helps to decrease recovery time. You don’t just get the feeling of being recovered…you ARE actually recovered. _ _ Click the link in my bio for more information as well as free shipping and 110% money back guarantee on all @1stphorm products. _ #IAM1STPHORM . 📸 by @davidmullis
Dodging peoples negative bullshit like....
This is pretty hard for me to post. I’ve had it written up for a few weeks now, but screw it. . . . . Two pictures, same place, exactly one year apart.... . Left- I was on top of the world. I scored a few fitness deals, landed my first magazine cover and became @1stphorm athlete of the year. I accomplished things that I never thought possible, reaping the benefits of over twenty years of dedication to my training and nutrition. I finally had some confidence. It’s safe to say that 2017 had been the best year of my life so far.... I had climbed my way to what appeared to be the top and most of you guys were here to watch the journey. (which I’m very grateful for) . . . . . Right- Fast forward one year, and I’m at what feels like the bottom. Although I consider myself a pretty humble guy, the universe didn’t seem to agree. The phrase “humble yourself or life will do it for you” comes to mind. Life knocked me down a couple notches. Maybe I needed it, maybe I didn’t. Regardless, it happened. I received an injury requiring surgery, which still leaves me pretty much side lined to this day and it might have been the best thing to ever happen to me. . What...? . . Yea... how I see it is right now there’s a lot of people that think I’m done, which is great. There are no expectations, no image to maintain and no one to impress, but it also means theres an opportunity for the beginning of a new journey, a new struggle, a new climb to the top. . . . . I appreciate every single one of you reading this. You won’t want to miss this journey. . . . 2018 had a rough start, but we’re turning this bitch around right now. . . LETS GET IT! . . . #LEVELUP
Tell me again how “dedicated” you are while you complain about how you aren’t seeing results from your training. . . It’s amazing how quick people are to quit or fall off at the first sign of adversity. . . Without adversity, everyone would be the same. There’d be no winners or losers. No hard times to push through. No gratification. No victory and no sense of accomplishment. . But there is adversity out there. A lot of it.... and how you handle it determines how you live your life. . You want to be a whiny little bitch that talks shit about the people out there doing it? OR do you want to be the mother fucker out there doing it? . Your call..... . . #NEVERSETTLE #IAM1STPHORM
It’s been a pretty frustrating year so far, but I have some damn good people in my corner. You guys know who you are and I’m very grateful to have you. . I’ve always stressed the phrase “you are the company you keep” and I’ll always be a firm believer of that. My circle is pretty small, but I’m proud of it. . #GRATEFUL #NEVERSETTLE #IAM1STPHORM
I know you guys have seen our @1stphorm athlete weekends. If you haven’t, they’re pretty awesome... trust me. Here’s your opportunity to join us! . Follow @1stphorm Like and share this post Tag five friends Hashtag your post #1STPHORMGIVEAWAY . . #IAM1STPHORM #1STPHORM #NEVERSETTLE #NYC #NYPD #THINBLUELINE #BACKTHEBLUE
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