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I'm so grateful. My mother regularly makes trips to thrift and book stores and despite not completely sharing in my interests, has ALWAYS picked out books that are exactly what I would like. It's uncanny. Comes in the form of random texts with pictures of books and something like "??", as if she isn't sure. But she is always dead on. One book here about the Pre-Raphaelites that she should probably just know by now I would want, and then a book I was previously unaware of but is obviously up my alley (and probably not up hers). Thank you mumma!!! #books #preraphaelites #audreyrose #frankdefelitta
Enjoying my wicked @heathenlegs t shirt from @rogueprintco. Got one more on the way and I'm jazzed.
Changing the roof (tarp) of the shack-tent, and seeing it open totally stunned me. Laying on the bed for even 10 minutes with the trees and sky as the ceiling made me giddy. Alas! The new roof was expertly attached by my dad and Ryan, with help from my mum and myself. For anyone that doesn't know, my parents built this collapsible four wall cabin by hand (that my dad created a blueprint for), just the two of them. Every step. I'm so crazy proud of them and glad we are enjoying it to the fullest after 5 years of their crazy hard work and creativity.
Fantastic haul from @cavitycuriosityshop ! Superstitions, heraldry, animal adventures, a "genuine" ninja story and the best book I've ever found in my life. #esotericknowhow #manicuresandmagick #weirdbooks
This poor beautiful thing has been waiting for me to pick it up for SO long. But cold weather and long days kept me away! Can't believe @phoenixcomicsinglewood didn't sell this (thank you), because apparently this variant cover is gone everywhere. But I had to have it, in all of its pink, POWERFUL, wood-grain glory. I grabbed #2 as well. (Don't know why i didn't just place an order for all of them. 🤔) I also decided it was time to finally read Hellboy. Long time overdue. But thank you @ed_piskor for this beautiful work of storytelling! #marvel #edpiskor #hellboy #mikemignola #woodgrainforeverything
Now that I'm fully recovered, I want to wish you all a good new year. Thanks to the lovely people I spent it with, especially Lauren for keeping me up past midnight and for snapping a super icky picture that keeps making me smile. Take care all of you and see ya around sometime in 2018!
A monumental "woman crush Wednesday". Undervalued, underappreciated. She struggled, she was judged, she conquered the pop world and nurtured her loved ones. Objectively an incredible talent, and a powerful beauty. Forever an inspiration to many, including me. #wcw #siren #casselliot #mamacass #themamasandthepapas #thecasselliotshow #icon
Stole a chance to visit the property before the big snow. Something that is usually impossible at this time of year because of snow and freezing springs along the road. Due to the changing climate, we spent the day, and I got to walk on the frozen river. I've never seen it in this state, and it honestly felt a bit odd. Usually the only living things on this land over the winter are small mammals, large birds, coyotes, deer... And moose! Which we were lucky to find still visit the area. It felt nice to sneak a peek into what happens in the season when we are usually barred by nature. I hope all of our non-human friends didn't mind too much and that the rest of the winter is safe and calm for them. #myfavouriteplace #moose #alberta #preservation
Went to the book store with barely a hope of finding just Mistress of Mistresses, and I immediately found all three in the Worm trilogy (and they are so pretty). The Worm Ouroboros is my favourite book of all time, and lately I've been needing a trip to Mercury, to Middle-earth, to Demonland. The cycle continues! #ereddison #thewormouroboros #pretolkienfantasy #mistressofmistresses #afishdinnerinmemison #fantasy
Knowing flowers are eternally blooming on the island. 💔🌹
Well, so far only two groups of kids, but they loved the blaring spooky sounds and strobe lights and ghouls. My home since birth, and always my favourite to decorate. #spookyhome #boo
A second (last minute) Halloween costume! Being completely and totally extra at work. Thankfully everyone else dressed up too, just like they said they would! JUST KIDDING, only me and one other person opted to look like total dorks during clinic! 🙀 #catcostume #realcreative
Spent the pre-Halloween weekend in Victoria and saw many of my best friends. Sister built my bass and was the best. Things got spooky. I got too tired and too tipsy and it was all too short. Sad to miss some lovely folks but I vow to return in a few months! #victoriahaunting #babooshka #katebushforever #fulciboi #zombi
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