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|| 📷 digital || 🎞 film || Traveler when possible. All photos are mine. Columbus, OH Hit me up if you want to collab or model! Always looking

One of my favourite pictures I've taken in frame: @sydney_grubb (art account: @squidd_inc )
Here's another weird edit. in frame: @eerinhurtt
Been trying some new edits in my free time.
Finally got a shot with green lights that I actually enjoy! Trying to break from my red and blue norms. In frame: @quinnxcii
Another shot from the @quinnxcii show that @primesocial put on at @thebluestone in Columbus. He had such an amazing stage presence.
Had the oppurtunity to go shoot the @quinnxcii show at @the_bluestone on Wednesday! Super fun show and happy I got some good shots!
This is still one of my favourite photos I've taken.
Another recycle from @oliverheldens playing at Dahlia after Breakaway Fest in Columbus.
Recycling some concert images. This was from my first show this year! Buku at The Mockbee in Cincinnati.
Last Chinatown photo for now!
More Chinatown neon signs.
Going through my pictures from New York last month and found this little guy! Took this while searching for food in Chinatown
Wardrobe: @royalfactory Model: @eerinhurtt Seriously if you live in Columbus and you haven't been down to Royal Factory you're missing out. They're full of unique and interesting pieces.
Another @royalfactory x @eerinhurtt shot. I had a ton of fun with this shoot!
From a recent shoot with @eerinhurtt with @royalfactory helping out with wardobe!
|| s t a c k ||
|| d e s c e n d || model:@bradalynn
|| s t u d y || model: @bradalynn
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