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🎙Phila 📽 The Understanding Of A Stoner 🍪 ║▌║█║▌│║▌║▌█ ⇟Potstardom V2 Out Now 🚨 Streaming Platforms Only ⇟

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S/Ø @djse7en_7 & @bigal_entertainment for that phone call to come pop up n show out 💯🍃👍🏾....... Monday (Tomorrow) I’ll be @lafusionphilly W/ @iamentertainmentshowcase & @takeover_movement_radio I’m bringing 🎁 🍁 #pøtstârdøm
#Potstardom V2 Out Now 🍃🍃 All Platforms
Growth will happen rather you want it too or not... mines well take a puff or 2 while you wait ... 📸 @lazergangpublishing2011 #potstardøm
Yo ima need food before I go on stage ‼️⛽️ #Potstardom V2 🗞Steaming Everywhere 📸 @iamcloudn9ne
You Ready⛽️!!! 25 🍃🍃comments I’ll release a new song for ALL MY FANS... #potstardøm
#Potstardom V2!! Still streaming on all major platforms - @onairwithsir 🙏🏽 @boomphilly
Keep it real / Most niggas won’t 🗣#potstardøm
Drop a 🌘 if your ready for new music Styled by @leeross213 #potstardøm
Father God... I am asking for your favor and blessings on my life in this situation. You name it I’m going through it and I am getting discouraged and loosing hope. I am tried of the continued roller coaster I am on which never seems to stop. Pls come in walk with me Lord. Amen #potstardøm
Recognize the Difference 🚨Potstardom V2 Still Streaming All MajorPlatforms #potstardom
S/Ø @abm101.bttb & for allowing me to bring the #potstardøm goodies only from @thehighclassvapes “PEEP MY BAG” ... & @throttlegearapparel .. 🗣Fried HE WAS & @nialovesnia - The interview was awesome 👏 also BIG UPS for playing #potstardøm v2 during the interview and having @wizkhalifa playing when I walked in!!! #potstardom #TG
Big ups to @airitoutradio & @fiyachick for the opportunity to show them this #potstardøm lifestyle LIVE and allowing @chillwillphl to burn it down 1 Time👍🏾... Aye @reesebanga ima get that INFUSED JUICE from @thehighclassvapes next time for the link up... 📸 @ayoocanon #pøtstârdøm #TG
Da sound they waitin for “Da Stoners” @wizkhalifa #potstardom
Mom - it’s been full year since I physically seen ya face before I closed the casket.... Honestly I’ve changed in topics such as music, personality, personal relationships, business relationships, HA life in general changed for me soo I had no choice but to step up... Yea I still feel like I didn’t do enough in the situation and that’s probably why I have yet to let go! I probably won’t ever let go and that’s my problem to deal with whichever way I choose - “sober” will be my gift to you - 💝🖤#potstardøm
If you can visualize trust me when I say ur able to materialize... #pøtstârdøm
🚨Tag ya favorite creative🚨 I appreciate you guys soo much this project will be remembered -
OutNow - PotStardom V2 #potstardøm
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