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it’s not Throwback Thursday. it’s not Flashback Friday. but i’m hoping it IS Tshaun Twhite Tuesday. one of my very most favourite photos of all time — come on, shaun. bring it home, baby. USA USA USA.
a very tiny painting i did for the henry family to celebrate valentine’s day. (pretty sure they would amend this to “only love AND FANCY CHEESE can save the world”, but there wasn’t enough room.)
one of my two favourite living artists — on exhibit here in dc. if you haven’t seen it, i promise it’s gorgeous and thought-provoking (if a bit on the safe side. but hey, i remember a smithsonian curator telling me a few years ago that kara walker could never show in this town, so... baby steps, dc.)
well done, @jacquelinegeetshenry of the washington ballet’s women’s committee. a d’vine affair last night at the italian embassy was — well, divine, obvi.
waiting for a new painting to dry — but i finished this one not too long ago. hope insta’s boob algorithms don’t go haywire.
TBT: so apparently i favoured climbing on things — like the great pyramid of giza — when i was younger and clearly stupider, and in egypt.
editing/archiving some of my work, came across a book on notable puerto rican women i illustrated a few years back. (the original illustrator they hired pooped out after about ten, so i got to do the remaining, oh, i don’t know, seventy or so?) these are a small selection. @dcmelissa : next book has to include you!
one of my recently completed paintings. working on a couple of new pieces, but in the meantime, chew on this, internet. (the model was one of my own horses, paloma. but the influence is the persian horses at persepolis.)
hopefully my hair isn’t going to do that weird thing it’s doing here for the rest of 2018...
just hanging around waiting for 2018... on this champagne glass.. shirtless, with suspenders...
en garde, 2018. you’d better not suck as much as 2017.
i always feel so lucky at the holidays, with my gorgeous sister and her lovely husband and beautiful kids. palm beach doesn’t hold a candle to my family for sunshine and happiness. (although it does kick our ass at palm tree-wrapping.)
i am not even going to try to explain how we spent boxing day.
i think we can all admit that 2017 had some low points, especially if you’re a big fat ol’ liberal like me. but on the day after army’s incredible win at the armed forces bowl, i’ve got to say i’ve never had such a happy year as a west point football fan (except maybe when my brother-in-law played for army). so i did this artwork to say go army beat navy 2018! @thecrazycolonel #goarmy #beatnavy
a little painting i did for my almost-family, the henrys, to commemorate xmas 2017. and p.s., a happy christmas to you all, my friends.
last night —opening night — at The Line DC, the newest, coolest hotel, in adams morgan. i can tell you that it’s gorgeous, a really amazing space, the (multiple) bars are wonderful, and the service is impeccable. even the loos are beautiful. and they have PARKING!!! in adams bloody morgan!!! miracle!!! #thelinedc
christmas pop-up bar! miracle on 7th street — the cocktails were all candy canes and reindeer tears, but whatever. we could work around it because: excellent photo ops.
at the interdigital holiday party with the event czar of dc, kimball, and the two most fun people making the magic happen, michael and tedd.
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