nicole m. backus

the varied wildlife of south carolina.
in honour of this year’s met gala (“heavenly bodies: fashion and the catholic imagination”), a mixed media piece i did of rasputin for the very talented musician, @jondotdot (one complicated man writing a musical about a REALLY complicated man).
@swigsafe ready to dip my toes into summer with my #swigsafe . maintain your party swag and be safe with swigsafe.
throwing down at A Vintage Affair, to benefit Children’s National. wildly successful evening. well done, @kimballstroud and @annehpolk for making this amazing event happen, and thank you, @bovim1234 and @lizzywalkerconroy , for including me.
loving on the first amendment, crushing on SO MANY celebs, bogarting all the lobster rolls, and causing a TINY little bit of an international incident at the United Talent Agency Celebration of America’s Journalists at fiola mare. thank you, @kimballstroud @stroudkimball — you create magic events.
in texas, there’s never a wrong time to drink tequila. apparently. @123organictequila @tqlaman @mhoernig
so happy to be a part of this 2018 #refugeesinternational event, raising money and awareness for vulnerable displaced persons all around the globe. @hamdi.ulukaya gave an amazing, heartfelt speech, and @waterson_sam brought all the feelings we need to feel about refugees. well done and thank you, @bovim1234.
another large nude i finished recently. its almost five feet tall and so, SO mixed media. (like, there’s nothing that’s not in this baby except maybe goat’s blood and buttercream frosting.)
my adorable immediate and extended family (and barmaid), at the bavarian dinner celebrating my very bavarian mommy’s life. she would have loved that shit.
a portrait i did for my lovely friend, colleague, and client, the gorgeous @liv.piv. thank you to @bumbleb6 for commissioning such a fun piece. you pivirottos are amazing, and genetically verrrrry paintable. (mixed media on lucite, approx. 36x24.)
my beautiful, glamorous, cool mommy would have been 82 today. Ilse Gertraud Backus: 13 March 1936 - 7 March 2018
it’s not Throwback Thursday. it’s not Flashback Friday. but i’m hoping it IS Tshaun Twhite Tuesday. one of my very most favourite photos of all time — come on, shaun. bring it home, baby. USA USA USA.
a very tiny painting i did for the henry family to celebrate valentine’s day. (pretty sure they would amend this to “only love AND FANCY CHEESE can save the world”, but there wasn’t enough room.)
one of my two favourite living artists — on exhibit here in dc. if you haven’t seen it, i promise it’s gorgeous and thought-provoking (if a bit on the safe side. but hey, i remember a smithsonian curator telling me a few years ago that kara walker could never show in this town, so... baby steps, dc.)
well done, @jacquelinegeetshenry of the washington ballet’s women’s committee. a d’vine affair last night at the italian embassy was — well, divine, obvi.
waiting for a new painting to dry — but i finished this one not too long ago. hope insta’s boob algorithms don’t go haywire.
TBT: so apparently i favoured climbing on things — like the great pyramid of giza — when i was younger and clearly stupider, and in egypt.
editing/archiving some of my work, came across a book on notable puerto rican women i illustrated a few years back. (the original illustrator they hired pooped out after about ten, so i got to do the remaining, oh, i don’t know, seventy or so?) these are a small selection. @dcmelissa : next book has to include you!
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