New album, #GoodMan out NOW, featuring “Good Man”, “Push Back”, “Apology” and “Summertime”.

Under this skin, we are all the same. #goodmanseason
LOVE this #PushBackChallenge squad! 👏🏾 @_meshance_
Who do you wanna see me on the road with this year?! #goodmanseason
These gents picked a good joint last night. 😏 #worldofdance
Chicago was LIT last weekend! 🔥 Who’s coming to see me this week East Coast?! 🙌🏾 7/20 Detroit, MI - Chene Park 7/22 Philadelphia, PA - Dell Music Center 📹: @fortycalproductions #goodmanseason
#repost @consciousvibrancy I love this page. They always have a post that’s helpful in the realms of self love, proper healing and just getting your vibes in the right place. This was especially helpful today. Do you agree? #AZenManIsAGoodMan #GoodManSeason
Back with the dream team tonight! You watchin with me?! 👀 #worldofdance
You are the perfect you. I need you to walk in your individuality. The things that make you different are the things that make you powerful. #goodmanseason #motivationmonday
With the legendary @keithsweat 🙏🏾 #goodmanseason
Backstage in Chicago! You ready for it #v103summerblockparty ?! #goodmanseason
Took me a while to post this. Had to get my head together. This man was very special to me. He was my chief of security for many years but he was so much more than that. When I needed it he was a father, a brother, a best friend, an ear or a shoulder. You fought a good fight. The battle is over now. Rest. I LOVE YOU FOREVER RUFUS CARTER. RIP.
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