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angsty young adults @strongblacklead for the culture @youcantmakethisup for the truth @netflixisajoke for the laughs @netflixfilm for the cinephiles

She’ll put a spell on you. @kiernanshipka is @sabrinanetflix
Welcome to my Instagram account
Scoops Ahoy, coming to a Hawkins near you!
I was told that today I should post sport content
Green Gables, but make it fashion (via @amybethmcnulty )
Join the coven @sabrinanetflix
Is this how reverse psychology works?
An exclusive look at me trying to flirt (with @netflixfilm )
This is an appreciation post for @kjapa and his tattoos...and his smile...and his musical ability...and his accent 😍
These two. @setitupnetflix
“Zach being a prominent romantic character this season has been exciting because it’s not such a common role for ethnic actors to play. Hopefully, we showed everyone can relate to these characters, regardless of their background.” @rossbutler continues to be a voice for Asian American representation and the power of diverse characters #representationmatters
Something wicked is a Comic Con bag
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