Nate Lahy

perhaps we should be more concerned with the health of the environment and how it affects people from all walks of life than whether or not the rich can their tax write offs...i mean boats in and out of the tributaries. i don't know. #oystersoverdevelopment
#washwoods so many rabbit holes and so much research...from land deeds made during the reconstruction era to prestigious gunning clubs visited by presidents and on to highly prized and valuable folk art. and i still haven't scratched the surface.
helping with art projects. #germanshorthairedpointer
a tiny glimpse of the massively out of control research-history-art-book? project regarding both true and fiction of #washwoods #localhistory #moleskine
i guess when there is only one green space with mature trees you pave it over so you can have enough parking for your #touristpier and #fuckingferriswheel #really #afuckingferriswheel
let's make the record crystal fucking clear I AM NOT AN EMPLOYEE OF THE CITY OF VIRGINIA BEACH. I NEVER WILL BE. AND NEVER COULD BE. these employees take constant abuse from angry citizens, consultants, etc. all for the sake of #fuckingbullshitboardsservingtheirownegosovertheircommunity . also WE FUCKING WON @nikki_leone . . . also this is a survey from 1908 that's the beginnings of new art. #natelahyrant
ive recently realized i prefer to see movies by myself and disregard anyone else's opinions. #natelahypretentiousasshole #phantomthread
a social media post can not begin to express how excited and happy i am for @ihock be doing his own thing. cheers @codex_va #codexva #localfood #localculture #iwishihadapictureofthefood
just another great example of Virginia Beach City Council catering to tourism and not supporting the strong local business community and turning existing large green spaces into parking lots #letsbuildmorefuckinghotels . . @l_g_ @threeshipscoffee @commune_va
those shithole countries sure do have some really wonderful people who produce some really great terrific fantastic coffee. @realdonaldtrump #shitholepresident
poseidon poems
poseidon poems
this doesn't justify #impeachment ? @realdonaldtrump #donnyjohnny and the fucking button comment and the fucking sexual assault comments and the non separation of business and politics and then and then and then
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