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aaaaannnnnnnndddddyyyyyyyy congrats @andyrivenbark
slowly making progress - more of this on @washwoodschronicler
i made a new thing for a new project @washwoodschronicler it’s about art and history and has nothing to do with politics or any other bullshit.
the nashville hot chicken soft shell crab @codex_va is the most amazing thing I’ve ever had @hseanbrock virginia beach and norfolk are making local happen. @ihock will never cease to amaze me. @theveilbrewing wasn’t too bad either #supportlocal #thatianhockissodreamy #codex
get ready hampton roads the most amazing human is ready to change the world and you are his target. #whatisfood #wheredoesfoodcomefrom #lilchefs #cropfoundation @lcdfoodie
yesterday i went to knotts island to take pictures of graves - malachi waterfield was a farmer, market hunter, civil war solider, and all around bad ass. he once burned down his own barn because he was pissed off at the bees that made a nest in it. he also once shot three union soliders when they came to steal his property. after he was also shoot he escaped on a sail boat to the waterfield compound in wash woods, his wife however was arrested. #localhistory #ducks #decoys #washwoods #knottsisland
congratulations @sdherb im so happy for you. #weddingsalwaysmakemecry
in 1927 two men were killed by game wardens after night hunting four days after the close of the season. they shot one duck. during the 1920s one man could shoot seventy-five ducks a day every day during season...
if you have always been a liar and have been successful in business by being a liar then obviously you will assume everyone else is a liar and therefore nothing is true and nothing is real and you get 21st century america. but maybe just maybe if you are real lucky you can have a fake mona lisa in your 85 million dollar hotel renovation. #makeamericagreatagain
Charles Whitehouse Waterfield (1882-1973) 326 🌺 #washwoods #waterfield #decoys #ducks #moleskine #sketchbook
when you’re trying to determine the residents of a ghost town in a state park and becomes larger than you ever imagined... #washwoods #falsecapestatepark #virginiabeach #waterfield #ducks #decoys #waterfowl
baby steps @threeshipscoffee
sometimes you have a responsibility to feed your chef. thanks for another great meal @codex_va #momsdesserts
@legrandkitchen the food and staff was amazing as always. they’re the absolute best. this shitty picture of the menu is all i took. and now i am 35. #fuckingbirthdaysman
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