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❤️ this makes me happy ! Repost from @1omarion using @RepostRegramApp - Penzi ntalipamba ngonjera,huba kama tanga segera,kwa viuno ka baikoko kutoka manzabay,picha twazitwanga kisela,post insta wanga kuwakera. ^!FUN FACT^! Micheal Jackson sung Swahili on “Liberian girl” & “wanna be start’n somethin”. What a pleasure I have continuing the work of my musical forefather M.J. connecting our understanding of one another thru culture & language. It’s all love! @diamondplatnumz - African beauty. I’m around the globe with this!! 🌍.
This is all kinds of wrong ! Why not test drive in your Billion friends back yard ?? #uber #caraccident
Family #1996 #nyc #Harlem
He says he don’t like pictures ! But this library card going open his eyes to life Mommy picking your books !
I see no lies ! 🤷🏾‍♀️
History !
The Beehive will finish you ! #Beyhive #Beyonce
And we moving on up !
Feminine energy is a necessary !
This is a must see !! #InnSaei #Neflix
#wcw Repost from @powerrising18 using @RepostRegramApp - @angelarye on transferring wisdom. #IAmPowerRising
I’m always being tested !! #thankgodforgrowth
Humans tends to feel entitled !! #Humble #ecclesiastes
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