Biography of the lives of Dubai's residents & visitors. Tag @MyDubai to give us permission to repost. سيرة مصورة من يوميات المقيمين والزائرين في دبي

Inhale. Exhale… 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️ Over the weekend, @xyogadubai brought together the #MyDubai yogi community for a day full of education, enlightenment and self-love. At sunset, the sense of serenity was almost magical. Were you there? Share your experience below ✨
Do you wish to float over the #desert ? To see dunes as far as the eye can see? To have your head in the clouds, and to gaze at the stretching views peacefully? 💭 Make this dream a reality. #MyDubai . 📸 @chiclibellule
Sometimes, it’s the little pleasures in life that have the ability to make us the happiest. Never underestimate the power of a balloon (or ten!) in making someone smile, no matter how old they are! 🎈🎈🎈#MyDubai 📸@emmerie_c_
Located near the beloved Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood on the Dubai Creek, a visit to #AlSeef is like a trip back through #time , but with all of #MyDubai ’s modern advantages 💗 📸@saneeeeeeen_01
Weekends are best enjoyed in the sunshine, under almost endless and completely cloudless skies ☀️ Lucky for us, this is the standard in #MyDubai 😉 📸 @jetset_jen
It’s easy to get lost in the beauty of #MyDubai ’s desert, so make sure you and your new friend make a path, leave footprints, take only #memories and perhaps a photo or two 😉 📸 @traveljunkiediary
“Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream?” - Edgar Allan Poe. #MyDubai is full of art, the kind that is so stunning, it makes us stop in our tracks. To ponder, to admire, to reflect. 📸 @forever.devil
Curving bridges, magnificent structures and intensely beautiful hues. This is #DubaiMarina at #sunset 🌇 #MyDubai 📸@monish.xx & @pixels.of.perception
With the most beautiful settings, it’s hard not to want to strike a pose in #MyDubai but then, there are the pros… #photo level: expert 💯 Where is your favourite spot to take a #selfie ? 📸@katiemcdonnell
As one of #MyDubai ’s newest landmarks, the #DubaiFrame is cementing its place in the hearts of our community. With an exterior built in the form of a huge picture frame and fantastic views extending to the old and new parts of the city, it was only right that the #MyDubai creative community held an #InstaMeet there to share their perspectives of such a unique piece of #architecture . ✨ 😍 A huge well done (and thank you!) to @igersdubai for their efforts and for the stunning images shared! 🙌 #DubaiFrameMeet 📸@heraldherrera @e_fma @igersdubai
Just a balloon and some of your favourite people; who would you take on this adventure in the desert? Tag them below 🎈👇 #MyDubai 📸 @iamdocgelo
Where can you dive to the depths of the sea, while remaining on dry land? 💭 Where can you walk alongside fish but still feel the sun? 🤔 Where does #streetart come to life before your very eyes? 🎨 A trip to #LaMer is the answer… #MyDubai 📸@shmmoh
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