Live life on your own terms. #jointhemvmt Watches, Sunglasses & Premium Accessories Kølder Collection ↴

⚠️Incase you missed it ⚠️The Kølder Collection sold out in record time. Limited quantities of the new ‘Voyager Kolder Edition’ are coming soon. Link in bio to be notified the second it drops. #KolderxMVMT
This week's women crush Wednesday in our new 'Citadel' shades. @nicoleisaacs #jointhemvmt (📷:@derrenversoza )
Athleisure szn. #jointhemvmt (📷:@jonmelson )
A little dirt never hurt. #jointhemvmt (📷:@bokehm0n )
Left or right? Comment for a chance to win it. Left : 'Modern Sport - Bronze Age' Right: 'Classic - Bronze Age (📷:@goldenhourtime )
Dreams demand hustle. #jointhemvmt (📷:@sam_kolder )
Cop a sharp look. 'Maverick' shades back in stock. #jointhemvmt (📷:@jonmelson )
“Sometimes you need to walk alone if you want to end up where no one has ever been.” CONGRATS to our caption contest winner @matt_stevo__ you have won a free watch. Thank you to everyone who participated and remember to keep an eye out for more giveaways in the future. Caption contest! Caption this photo for a chance to win a free watch. #jointhemvmt (📷:@jacob )
Street game strong. #jointhemvmt (📷:@jonmelson )
GIVEAWAY: The Kolder Collection sold out in record time - thank you to everyone who supported! We are restocking later this year, BUT we held onto the last 2 boxes to giveaway. Here’s how to enter: 🌴 Tag your travel mates (at least two friends) 🌴 Follow @sam_kolder 🌴 Follow @mvmt Congrats to our winners @justintryon and @claire_dml ! You have each won the last Kolder Edition Boxes! Thank you to everyone for participating and keep an eye out for more giveaways in the future.
The 'Icon' shades are just as essential as your favorite denim jacket. #jointhemvmt (📷:@zeno_vic )
The 'Voyager - Outback' is fit for any terrain. #jointhemvmt (📷:@deniscebulec )
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