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Happy Saturday everyone! With any luck by the end of the weekend we will have a playroom that slightly more resembles an actual room rather than a building site as the plasterboard is going up today 🙌🏻 I’m so over it now 🙈 I just want it finished so I can buy furniture and pretty things 😅 . . . #kidsroom #batmanroom #batmanbedroom #kidsinterior #interior #kidsdecor #superhero #superherobedroom #housedecor #childrensroom #childrensdecor #monochromedecor #yellow #popofyellow #renovation #reno #inspo #kidsinspo #interiordecor
Completely unrelated photo but Torin took his first couple of steps today! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Still a little while off full blown walking I think but Torin does like to keep us waiting for these things 🙈
Good morning! I realised yesterday that it’s just over 2 weeks until the Summer Holidays 🙌🏻 I cannot wait. No school run and rushing around in the mornings for 6 weeks and both my babies at home 😍 You never know, they might let me have a lie in or 2 🤗🤔 #notholdingmybreath
Torin’s little bedroom re-vamp is in full swing... can you guess the theme?! 🙈 I couldn’t help myself 😆 Superhero mad in this house! If someone had said to me 5 years ago that I would have 2 boys and their bedrooms would be superhero themed, I would have said hell no! 🙅🏻‍♀️ But here we are... 😂 . . . #kidsroom #kidsdecor #childrensroom #kidsbedroom #kidsinterior #superhero #superherobedroom #captainamerica #superheroroom #superherodecor #interior #nursery #nurserydecor #marvel #avengers
Doesn’t the sunshine make it just that little bit easier getting up in the morning?! Loving this weather at the moment! Although it makes Torin eat even less than normal which makes it practically nothing 🙈 Off to a local fun day later, hoping Teddy can run off some of his endless energy! 🙏🏻 Happy Sunday!
A throwback pic of Torin’s Nursery as I’m about to give it a little overhaul. Call it boredom or frustration that I can’t get on with anything else in the house... 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 He doesn’t actually sleep in here anyway as he co-sleeps so I’ve decided to make it ready for when he decides Mummy and Daddy’s bed isn’t comfortable anymore... which is likely to be sometime never 🤣
That moment of calm just after the kids have gone to bed, you have a HOT coffee and your guilty pleasure of soaps on the TV 👌🏻
Monday has rolled around far too quick for my liking! Back to the school run 👎🏻 but, on the plus side, I’m going out for lunch today, so can’t complain! Happy Monday everyone 🖤
Good morning! Here’s another photo of Teddy’s room as it’s pretty much the only photographable room in the house 🙈 Cannot wait until the playroom is finished and the house gets back to abit more normal... until we start knocking down walls 🤣
Why come the weekend is Teddy up at 6 and during the week when we have to get up for School, I have to wake him up?! 🙄🙈 We’ve been up since 6, Torin is still snoozing and I’m already on my 2nd coffee. Happy Saturday!
Happy Friday! 🙌🏻 Torin’s been extra clingy this week and yesterday I realised he has 6 teeth coming through! 😱😬 Poor little man! How is that even possible?! Gets a load out of the way in one go I suppose! 🙈 . . Extra happy today though as our velux arrived yesterday for the playroom which is being fitted this weekend along with the electrics being installed so 1 step closer to a finished playroom! 🙌🏻😍
Good evening! It’s been soooo hot today! We’ve had a lovely day pottering around the carboot sale and playing in the garden. The boys got some new treasures from the carboot sale today and after Torin’s Birthday the house definitely doesn’t look like this at the moment, it more resembles a toy shop explosion 🙈 I have Teddy home for one more day as he has an inset day tomorrow 🙌🏻
Good morning! Teddy had a sleepover at Nana’s last night. It was very strange waking up with no Teddy in the house and Torin’s been crawling around saying ‘Ted Ted, Ted Ted’ I think he’s missed his big brother! He’s a pain in the bum sometimes but he’s my pain in the bum and I can’t wait to see him later ☺️🖤
We’ve had such a lovely day today celebrating Torin’s birthday, he’s be thoroughly spoilt! Thank you all for his birthday well wishes! Both boys are on their way to bed and I’m looking forward to getting into mine but if last nights anything to go by, I won’t be getting much sleep 🙈 Torin’s got croup again and it seems pretty bad this time 💔 He started out life poorly so obviously he needs to spend his birthday poorly 😅🙉
Happy 1st Birthday Baby Boy! 🎉 I can’t believe it’s been a year already 💔 You are the happiest little boy and we love you to the moon & back, as does your big brother! I hope this year brings even more happiness, love and better health. The fastest year ever, Torin Grae Tunmore, our little bubba 💙💙
We were meant to have thunderstorms overnight and this morning but we’ve woken up to beautiful sunshine! 👌🏻 We are taking Teddy to the field this morning to try and teach him to ride his bike without stabilisers... again 😅
Half term, as you might have guessed by now, is my absolute fave! Both my boys at home 😍 Not much planned for today but we’ll see where the day takes us. Happy Saturday everyone!
Monday’s here again already, back to the school run this morning... but it’s only a week until half term 🙌🏻 and just under 2 weeks until Torin’s 1st Birthday! 😭😭 I genuinely feel like I’ve blinked and lost a year, it’s crazy. . . . #nursery #kidsroom #kidsdecor #nurserydecor #greyandwhitenursery #myhome #childrensroom #moondecor #kidsinterior #boxroom #walldecor
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