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Keep watching the transformation will be televised #fckbeingfat

8 years ago. They wonder my WHY. 1 am alarm rings 30 min workout then off to work, 2 hours before my start time. I give fatherhood and my job 180% daily whether me or my kids are mad, happy, or sick. It’s the Dog in me. My mother didn’t raise mediocracy, she raised a beast, she raised greatness at every level of my being. She always said “Boy be the best if you sling dope be the best drug dealer if you scoop dog shit be the best damn shit scooper known to mans best friend. My WHY is to show these my children that a continuous grind and legit hustle builds great character I ride them for everything I’m the meanest daddy they say but the most RESPECTED. I’m at my best when they are my WHY so when people perceived the wrong about me or when they attempt to quote on quote come for me lol 😂 JUST KNOW FOR THESE ILL LAY 6 FEET OR LAY YOU 6 FEET SO KEEP TRYING AND JUST KNOW THERE IS ONLY 1 WARNING AND THIS IS IT. #fatherhood #daddy #hustle #grind #beast #greatness #humbled
Trust it’s only the beginning even after 4 years and 180 lbs down I’m still grinding like it’s day 1. My main G’s @moosevsg @bearismyname woke up the animal. The worlds greatest physique therapist @higherimagept wrote the blueprint . SW 427 CW 247 #fckbeingfat #gymrat #ironaddict #weightloss #fatloss #weightlosstransformation just wait til the summer.
Special Delivery fresh from the Brother man himself @every_ting_ginger
The World makes you realize that those you’ve protected, stood up for, believed in, and cared for were the ones the whole time praying on your demise. Within your own walls they were secretly chipping away at your armor, turning you against those who publicly praised encouraged and fought for you. There is a place for people like them, the word Karma comes to mind while the thoughts of retaliation boil in your soul like lava waiting to erupt. God everlasting word reigns supreme in your heart while the devils words of destroy ring like an alarm in your head. Which do you choose ?? To be continued.
Follow my Juice man @every_ting_ginger. The Brother makes some amazing feel good juices for the mind, body, and soul hit him up. Let’s Support our own.
The Gran hanging with Paw Paw
#trusttheprocess Today was a off day as you can see the badge and the cargo pants work uniform but I wanted to show my sistah that commitment and dedication is the way #fckbeingfat #427tofit #weightlossjourney #squats #deadlifts #benchpress all compound movements. Aruba 🇦🇼 is around the corner catch me in 60 days
Welcome back to the 240’s this journey is a roller coaster my scale goes upppppppp and goes downnnnnn but I never let that stop me sike it takes it’s mental toll at times. Every day I push harder than the day before. #fckbeingfat is a lifestyle not just a hashtag, there is meaning,purpose, commitment, dedication, determination, grind, grit, tears, smiles, failures, but most of all NO QUIT From 427lbs to simply getting FIT
It’s Saturday time for a lil cruise. Work ✔️ Gym ✔️ Haircut ✔️ Benzo clean ✔️ let’s ride clide. #beardgang #shades #roofback #windowdown #waves #darkchocolate
Training fasted cardio fasted #intermittentfasting #omad #onemealaday It’s leaning season great workout now heading home to rest and eat.
Great read in the sauna #intermittentfasting #omad #onemealaday #protein along with killer workouts from @higherimagept I also began intermittent fasting and it has done wonders #fckbeingfat #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney
It’s that time again year 2 of becoming a runner #peachtreeroadrace #peachtreeroadrace2018 to all my get fit folks sign up sign up sign up. #fckbeingfat #imarunner #10k #marathon #halfmarathon
No place like home Decatur raised me but Hogansville for surely Bred me been some years since I’ve been back #humbling #countryliving #hogansville @mhardaway @meyoka_tig @mrsnicky1981 @kingtigner @born2bless81 @megomoneycarlos
There is a time when a man awakens and realizes his meaning, purpose, and most of all his worth. When that time comes he is unstoppable, his talk, walk, and overall demeanor changes he knows now who stands with him and who stands against him.
It is Tuesday sooooooo here we go #transformationtuesday #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney This fit life for me has been a roller coaster from 427 to 320 to 388 to 277 to 312 to 237 to 265 back down to 254 today. I would not change it for the world because there are ups and downs in this journey, it’s how you respond in the face of temptation. I get hungry I cheat I over indulge I gain weight lose weight detox cleanse shred you name it I’ve done it that’s the beauty is this journey. When I fall I get up faster each time.
#kotd #feetpieces #sneakerhead #nike #huarache in the man cave chillaxin after my workout. Keeps the heat on the feet.
Session #2 of the day complete. Legs Legs and more Legs today now time for a little refueling. Roasted Kale Sweet Potatoe and Chicken Sausage. Tomorrow will be epic it’s #tittytuesdayy #fckbeingfat #gymrat #cleaneating #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #fattofit
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