Corey Willoby Sr.

Keep watching the transformation will be televised #fckbeingfat

12 lbs to the 200 lbs lost mark. Tuesday’s made for Back Shoulders and Triceps. Since I went to 45 to an hour of cardio everyday the weight dropping but so is the strength unfortunately I’m driven by the number on the scale rather than number on the plates. #fckbeingfat #exfatboy #cardio #cardiokiller #fat2fit #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #200lbslost #backinthe230s #gymrat
When this scrolled up on my timeline I was preparing for another one of those good ole @plies laughs but this is real shit trust some of us brothers know because either we deal with it or have dealt with it it’s a horrible defeated deflated feeling loving someone who don’t support ur dream or don’t have your back. Salute to the women who support and sacrifice for good men. You all are needles in a haystack.
They ask what DRIVES you They ask why are so DEDICATED They say a lot of people DEPEND on me They say why go so HARD My answer is simple “BE THE BEST” Message to those who don’t clock in. @wade_f_n_wilson If they want smoke 💨 Brother I’m giving them the smoke. #fckbeingfat #gymrat #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #RAMPSUP #comeandgetit #thebest #thegoat @smeadows2428
Lol this lil girl is just like her daddy bout dat action lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 love my kids man Daddy day.
At my Big Brotha crib for a lil pool BBQ and family time enjoying the sunshine by the pool side with Daddy’s baby.
#motivationmonday This Journey has been a testament to my belief in me, my passion to be a better me, my dedication and commitment to live for me. Everyday isn’t a good every meal isn’t clean every calorie isn’t counted and every workout isn’t beastmode but this what makes the journey worth while. For nonbelievers and doubters click the name take ride thru last 4 years and 1000+ post you come to my day 1 and I guarantee you will find that strength to believe in yourself you will find that doubting yourself can’t exist because I too was that person until I took a ride thru @brixfitness and @rolandovela IG page and I found that strength and the rest is history 180+ lbs lost and still going and will not stop. Have a blessed one #fckbeingfat #exfatboy #gymrat #gymjunkie #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #fat2fit #fatloss #ificanyoucan #ificandoityoucandoit
It’s a rap, cut it, we out, done deal. Bested last years time by 10 mins but I miss my damn headphones 🎧#peachtreeroadrace2018 #peachtreeroadrace #10krunner #10k #fckbeingfat #exfatboy #ajcprr #runtomywheelsfalloff @soufside_nate 2019 I’m looking for ya.
The look you have when you noticed you forgot your headsets and ur going to have to run 6.2 miles with no @jeezy @troubleman31 @future @migos 😞😞😡😡 #peachtreeroadrace #peachtreeroadrace2018 well this will be one lonnnnnnnnnnng day.
Year 2 for the Ex-Fat Boy turn 10K runner we stayed with the regular degular #nike #teamnike #nikefree #nikerunner #peachtreeroadrace2018 #exfatboy #10krunner #peachtreeroadrace
To know where your going, you first have to know where you from. Decatur raised me but definitely Hogansville made me. Home is still home even though everyone is gone nothing left but dust and tombstones. To get away from the hustle and bustle of life I make this trip to refocus and to be rebirth. Red clay and dirt roads screen porches and car porches the traditional hand wave all us country folk do. Home is still home even though everyone is gone. #hogansville #30230 #troupcounty
Morning chronicles between Paw Paw and the Grandboy. This mornings subject is hygiene. Listen and watch funny. #toothbrush #grandpa #pawpaw #grandson #lovelifehappiness #morning
Who hanging with Paw Paw on his vacation. I got em Sr. Jr. and The Grandboy
Lil Shopping no kids just me
Walking around like a Incredible too lol #incredibles2 #fckbeingfat #fathersday #
I’ve done this side by side transformation photo before but today is the first time I’ve recognized a significant difference. This is my #transformationtuesday See four years ago I started this journey as a means to survive not live, threatened from the words of death from my Dr. changes perspective. A Whopping 427 lbs down to 243 lbs as of this morning. This journey hasn’t been easy, it’s tested me but more than ever prepared me to began living my Best Life. I’ve had a lot help along the way, I made some real friends in this journey and I’m thankful for each and everyone of them you all know who you are. #fckbeingfat #exfatboy #fat2fit #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation
Went 🦍 💩 in the club today, even after a 10 hr shift at the Gig. #fckbeingfat #fat2fit #exfatboy #gymrat #fastedtraining #fastedcardio #weightloss #weightlossjourney #beardgang #beard
Well back to reality, Aruba it was real time but these souvenirs should hold me over until November. Yep Aruba November I said The Villa is already booked. I learned this weekend that we only have one life so live it and be HAPPY every person I met in Aruba had a smile and said thank you for coming and I hope you enjoyed our One Happy Island. #purewhitehennessy #cirocapple 🍏 #cohibacigars People who know me know I only drink on occasion so this will be just be here for entertaining purposes and for @dee_sirable30 I have ur shot 😂😂😂😂😂. Now off to LA Fitness I go.
Just some footage of Aruba, this was 1 amazing experience that will last a lifetime this place is truly One Happy Island thank you Aruba until next time which won’t be far away already booking the next one. #aruba #onehappyisland #sbmf18 #soulbeachmusicfestival #vacation @renaissancemarketplacearuba @renaruba @soulbeachmusic
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