Mount Rainier National Park

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We are totally fawning over these twins 😍 Although fawns can walk soon after birth and feed themselves within a few months, they usually don’t declare independence from their mother for a year or two! 🦌 Their white spots, which camouflage them with the forest ground, protect them from predators in their early life 🌲 . . #IDeclare #findyourpark #mountrainiernps #mrnp #mountrainier #pnw #nps [Description: Two fawns with white spots stand in the forest.] 📷: NPS/Emma Woodruff -im
The weekend is starting off right! ☀️What are your #weekend plans? Expect Paradise & Sunrise to be very busy on weekends. To make the most of your visit, have a back up plan like stopping in Longmire to explore the Trail of Shadows! . . #findyourpark #mountrainiernps #mrnp #mountrainier #pnw #nps [Description: Mount Rainier above a rocky ridge line and a lush green meadow surrounded by forest.] 📷:NPS -kl
Glacial retreat is an important part of understanding Mount Rainier’s landscape. At one point, Nisqually Glacier reached the bridge from which this photo was taken. This ravine was carved by the glacier, which feeds the Nisqually River that runs through it. Now, the glacier can no longer be viewed from the road. The U.S. Geologic Survey and park scientists regularly survey the glacier and since the 1970s it has experienced a chain of minor advances and retreats. To learn more about the park’s glaciers and how climate can impact them visit . . #findyourpark #mountrainiernps #mrnp #mountrainier #pnw #nps [Description: The debris filled Nisqually River flows through a ravine, sourced from the Nisqually Glacier above.] 📷: NPS/Ivie Metzen -im
Declare your need for adventure! Check something off your bucket list by walking along a suspension bridge that leads to an old-growth forest…where some trees are over 1,000 years old 😱 What adventure do you need to go on this summer? #IDeclare . . #findyourpark #mountrainiernps #mrnp #mountrainier #pnw #nps [Description: Two hikers walk along a suspension bridge surrounded by old growth trees.] 📷:NPS Photo/Ivie Metzen -im
What would you call a squirrel whose diet mainly consists of seeds from the Douglas Fir?🌲How about a Douglas Squirrel! 🐿 Just like you might have a favorite spot to eat lunch, so do these squirrels. Ranging from tree stumps to fallen logs, these spots can be surprisingly easy to identify. Look for neat piles of discarded cones, called middens, which are formed when the squirrel removes each scale of the cone to get the seed. Swipe ➡️ to see what one of these middens can look like! . . #IDeclare #findyourpark #mountrainiernps #mrnp #mountrainier #pnw #nps [Description: Photo one shows a Douglas Squirrel perched on a rough tree top, photo 2 shows a jagged tree stump with a pile of conifer cone scales in front of it.] 📷: NPS/Ivie Metzen -im
#IDeclare to take safe selfies 🤳Capture the perfect moment by staying on marked trails and remaining aware of your surroundings! 📸 . . #findyourpark #mountrainiernps #mrnp #mountrainier #pnw #nps [Description: Three visitors pose for a selfie in front of a waterfall.] 📷: NPS/Ivie Metzen -im
Have you ever heard the phrase “the mountain’s out”?🗻 A well-known symbol in the Washington landscape, on a clear day Mount Rainier can be seen all the way from Seattle and beyond. Even if you can’t make it to the park, you can still enjoy Mount Rainier’s beauty from miles away. What’s the farthest place you’ve viewed the mountain from? 🌾 . . #IDeclare #findyourpark #mountrainiernps #mrnp #mountrainier #pnw #nps [Description: Snowy Mount Rainier sits in the distance of a wheat filled field.] 📷: NPS/Ivie Metzen -im
Happy Independence Day from Mount Rainier National Park! 🇺🇸 Congestion is expected as visitors prepare to enjoy the holiday, arrange your trip accordingly and have a backup plan in mind. When celebrating, remember that fireworks are prohibited in the park. Instead, enjoy the colorful wildflowers or the starry night sky💫 . . #IDeclare #findyourpark #mountrainiernps #mrnp #mountrainier #pnw #nps [Description: The American flag flies in front of Sunrise Visitor Center with Mount Rainier in the background.] 📷: NPS/Ivie Metzen -im
Mount Rainier National Park offers over 260 miles of maintained trails. With the freedom summer brings, what is one new trail you want to hike this season? Remember that trailhead parking can fill fast, avoid peak times by arriving early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Share your plans by using #IDeclare on your photos! . . #findyourpark #mountrainiernps #mrnp #mountrainier #pnw #nps [Description: Forests overlook Louise Lake with mountains in the background.] 📷: NPS/Ivie Metzen -im
Oh deer! 🦌 Is it already Monday again? . . #findyourpark #mountrainiernps #mrnp #mountrainier #pnw #nps [Description: A deer looks directly at the camera with trees in the background.] 📷: NPS/Ivie Metzen -im
Sunrise Road is OPEN for the season☀️ Remember to always obey speed limits, turn your headlights on (especially in foggy conditions!), and watch for wildlife. What do you do to keep yourself and others safe when driving in a national park? . . #greatoutdoors #findyourpark #mountrainiernps #mrnp #mountrainier #pnw #nps [Description: A time-lapse shows traffic driving around a corner in fog.] 📷: NPS/Ivie Metzen -im
Wildflowers 🌼 + forests 🌲 + mountains ⛰ = an afternoon well spent . . #greatoutdoors #findyourpark #mountrainiernps #mrnp #mountrainier #pnw #nps [Description: Yellow wildflowers with a forested mountain in the distance.] 📷: NPS/Ivie Metzen -im
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