Mike The Cop

Cop + Sarcasm + Truth. I make and post content I find funny or engaging. You don’t have to like it.

Thanks to @jiujitsucop for the new rash guard. Train like your life depends on it because one day IT WILL. #cops #bjj
God bless you child.
Dispatch: What’s your location? Me: I’d rather not say...
When the person you just flipped off pulls into the church parking lot behind you...JK...or am I?
Accurate. (Via @johnburk1 )
@blackriflecoffee thin blue line k-cups? Freedom just met caffeinated convenience!
I finally gave in. #inmyfeelings
Does this count as community policing @jasonwesley_ ? 🤔🤔
I should make a show “one day in.”
So infuriating.
Because Sunday... (via @crowdermusic ) 😂😂
@911strong has the best #kiki #inmyfeelings challenge video. HANDS DOWN! 😂😂
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