↪Nyali niccur↩ 💸Big boy gang moves💸 Pizza fest 🍕🍕4th august 2018🔥

Don't let ur main be ur victim 🌊 Pc @griffin_bouy and Ec @nyalifonia_empire_ #3stripelife
Feed on ma middle finger⚡ Pc @_.thrillar , Ec @nyalifonia_empire_ #3stripelife
👆 LEVEL UP👆 PC @_.thrillar #3stripelife
You probably think ur cooler than me🍃
Jealousy your only competition ⚡⚡
Im heaven sent🙏 PC @nyalifonia_empire_
Take me as a joke 😠amma hang u on the rope✖🔪 PC @nyalifonia_empire_
I don't cuff no hoe‚ u can have my bitch i don't even mind😕🚮 PC @nyalifonia_empire_
I aint tyrna fuck no BITCH that's petty🌊 PC @nyalifonia_empire_
No caption✖ PC @boy_quavo
If u got options.i got options to😊 PC @boy_quavo
Chance to sauce it up👑 PC @kingshitt_hrn @boy_quavo
Just some light flex🔥
May i pleasure u with my toungue👅
U claim that ur the king 💎but shit i still wear the crown👑 PC @kiing254_new_breed
Fuck the law i don't do politics ❌. PC @pistol_set1
Trigger me up🔫and i bullet you down❌ PC @pistol_set1
I ain't trynna go to war with ur morals, u can't kill😈 my vibe it's immortal🔥 @pistol_set1
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